動物護理 Animal Care

課程特色 Programme Features | 課程結構 Course Structure | 學習模式 Study Mode | 升學及就業發展 Articulation to Further Studies and Career Pathways

課程特色 Programme Features

  • 行業專家教授課程由教學經驗豐富的業內專家設計和教授,兼重理論與實務
    The course is taught by qualified and experienced individuals in the animal care education and industry
  • 內容專業實用授及示範、小組討論及匯報、個案研究、專題研習、參觀及實地考察、專題講座及實務練習等
    The course offers students many opportunities to learn through practical activities such as role plays, interviewing stakeholders and professionals, exhibitions, site visits, and field studie
  • 邀請業界支持與行業機構結成協作夥伴,支援課程參觀活動及專題講座,並邀請擔任課程顧問,確保內容切合業界需要
    The course is supported by organisations and industry practitioners
  • 配合高中科目課程與高中「生物學及綜合科學/組合科學」科目相互配合
    The study of applied animal anatomy and physiology enhances and extends student learning of the human body in Biology and Integrated Science/ Combined Science by allowing them also to make comparisons
  • 擴闊進修途徑完成課程後,可選擇報讀本學院舉辦有關動物護理高等文憑課程
    This course provides a firm foundation for further studies related to animal healthcare, such as the Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Nursing offered by CityU SCOPE, and Veterinary Medicine and Science

課程結構 Course Structure

單元一:動物與社會 (21小時)
Module 1: Animals and Society (21 hrs)
  • 動物護理概述
    An overview of animal care
  • 動物種類及群組
    Animal types & groups
  • 人類與動物的互動
    Human-animal interactions
單元二:動物福利 (21小時)
Module 2: Animal Welfare (21 hrs)
  • 動物福利的原則
    Principles of animal welfare
  • 動物福利的道德觀念
    Basic animal welfare ethics
  • 保護動物守則、規例及法例
    Animal protection codes, regulations & laws
單元三:應用科學知識 (36小時)
Module 3: Applied Science Knowledge (36 hrs)
  • 基礎應用動物解剖學及生理學 Basic applied animal anatomy & physiology
  • 基本動物行為 Basic animal behaviour
單元四:香港的動物 (21小時)
Module 4: Animals in Hong Kong (21 hrs)
  • 在不同環境下生活的動物 Animals in different settings
  • 實地考察:評估實際情況下動物護理的需求 Field trip : assessment of care needs of animals in authentic context
  • 動物護理相關工作及專業發展 Career options & development in working with animals
單元五:動物護理需求與飼養 (81小時)
Module 5: Animal Care Needs and Husbandry (81 hrs)
  • 動物工作間的健康與安全簡介 Health and safety in animal workplace
  • 動物護理計劃 Animal care planning
  • 飼養動物的知識與技巧 Husbandry knowledge & skills

學習模式 Study Mode

Lectures with demonstrations, group discussions and presentations, case studies, group projects, field visits, professional seminars and practical work etc.

升學及就業發展 Articulation to Further Studies and Career Pathways

升學路向 Further Studies
e.g. Courses related to life sciences, veterinary medicine, veterinary nursing, biomedical sciences, environmental science, food science, etc.

就業出路 Career Pathways
Various levels of jobs/entry points in animal care depending on qualifications attained in further studies, e.g. veterinarian, veterinary nurse, veterinary assistant, animal care assistant, animal keeper, and laboratory veterinary attendant, etc.