動物護理課程導師心聲 Course Coordinator Sharing


本課程精心設計,透過多元化的教學和參觀活動,學員可學習護理動物的技能。希望學員可以把握機會和享受這課程, 認真學習,對日後修讀有關課程及投身動物護理行業作好準備,為社會出一分力。」

“As a highly urbanised city, we share our space in Hong Kong with different animals and we are faced with issues related to them on a daily basis. With increasing awareness about animals, how they are treated and how they impact people’s lives in our Society, the "Animal Care" course provides a timely opportunity for young people to address these questions, by learning about animal needs and provision of care underpinned by scientific knowledge and social understanding.

This course is carefully designed so that students learn through an array of activities, to allow them exposure to different animals and their settings, and develop practical skills. In engaging with these activities, we hope students will enjoy their learning and on completion of the course, feel prepared to embark on further studies and future career options in animal care and make a difference in Society.”

課程學術統籌  阮頴嫺博士
Course Coordinator  Dr. Queeny YUEN