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英語國際企業傳意榮譽文學士 (全日制銜接學位課程)
BA (Hons) English for International Corporate Communication (Full-time Top-up)

課程名稱:BA (Hons) English for International Corporate CommunicationUniversity of Central Lancashire
修讀年份:2013 - 2014

A few months before graduating from CCCU, I started to find some information about non-local Top-up degree programmes conducted by various institutions. After a prolonged search, I decided to choose the BAEICC programme of CityU SCOPE because its programme structure suits me the most. Students can choose one of the three specialist routes, Marketing, Public Relations, or Translation and Interpreting. I chose Translation and Interpreting as my specialization and I learnt how to translate idiomatically and accurately. What’s more, the programme has been accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ). This is very important as graduates of this programme are recognised by the Hong Kong SAR Government for employment purposes.

To conclude, I had a fruitful and challenging year in the BAEICC programme. This programme enables me to develop communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills. In the near future, I hope to pursue PGDE and accomplish my dream to become a Primary School Teacher.

課程名稱:BA (Hons) English for International Corporate CommunicationUniversity of Central Lancashire
修讀年份:2011 - 2012

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After graduation, I have worked as a research associate and a dance instructor at a dance studio in Hong Kong. It seems to be a very dramatic change of work field, but whichever field I work in, I find that excellent communication skill is one of the most important assets that everyone should strive to acquire to stand out from your colleagues.

I feel thankful to have enhanced my English level from the programme, and acquired research skills from the dissertation course. We were trained by our tutors to communicate effectively in a professional manner in both written and spoken English. As part of my duties when I worked as a research associate, I had to generate synthesis and summary reports that required good organization and writing skills, which were, thankfully, what I have gained from the course. And as a dance instructor now, I am glad that I could apply the professional writing skills I have learnt from the course to write organised lesson plans, and the professional communication skills to socialize with my colleagues and clients (students). Moreover, I am grateful that I could fully apply the research skills I have gained from writing a dissertation on my previous research job. I was able to locate relevant resources efficiently and to produce professional reports in limited time given by my supervisor.

I am proud to say that completing this programme tremendously helps me to stand out from my colleagues and succeed in my career. Since it is an international city we are working in, whether working as a research associate or a dance instructor, it is really important to posess good English skills to communicate with colleagues and students, so as to project a good image for my company/ studio. The higher English level and the better communication skills one posesses, the more competitive he or she is as an employee. 

Studying in the university is a very valuable chance to learn. Seize the chance you have to enhance your communication skills, for example doing presentations and writing assignments are very good chance to learn! There is a lot to gain from the tutors’ comments on your work. Do not be afraid to make mistakes when expressing your ideas in English; the more you try, the more you learn, and the better you become!

課程名稱:BA (Hons) English for International Corporate CommunicationUniversity of Central Lancashire
修讀年份:2011 - 2012

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I would say the EICC programme was definitely a stepping stone for me to further pursue my postgraduate study which I could apply what I have learnt to a higher level.

Sharing the same specialization as Translation & Interpretation for my Masters degree, EICC offers me a consolidated background especially in the aspects of translation, interpretation, language, culture and communication. This enriched and prepared myself as a competent team player for the marketing job. 

Dealing with media companies and clients from different countries, I am grateful that my communication skills keep improving since I started work. The translation and interpretation concepts in the EICC programme inspired me to grasp a core idea and make complicated things in a simple and clear way when I am delivering information to people from different backgrounds.

I find much satisfaction every time I finish a meeting with colleagues, clients and those essential parties involved in a project, that’s not just because my duty is done but more importantly it is the communication and interaction skills I have applied during the conversation which get things done in a smooth and harmonious way. 

The more experience I get in the society, the more I believe that effective communication is the key to success.

I am really glad that I got the opportunity to join the EICC programme which brings me insights in language and communication. As time goes by, I believe EICC students and I will be (an) “Effective International Corporate Communicator(s)”!


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