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萬寧廣告一向人氣熱爆,創意豐富。一系列的「萬寧貓」廣告,無論 crossover 現年47歲的亞洲塑身女王鄭多燕齊齊跳舞減肥的廣告,又或顆拍大肚腩古天樂古 Sir 教一班小朋友 keep fit 同踢波,總會令人印象難忘。

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香港城市大學專業進修學院於4月25日(星期六),特邀 Metta Communications 創辦人 Mr. Andrew Lee 擔任「萬寧貓熱爆宣傳媒體背後的故事」講座演講嘉賓。Andrew 強調要設計一個令人印象深刻的廣告,“娛樂性”是不可或缺的。“娛樂性”可以是令人捧腹大笑、熱淚盈眶、用親情感動,或以愛情故事牽動人心等等手法。其中最重要是能引起別人興趣或共鳴。

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Andrew 在講座上與同學分享不同廣告的設計,希望藉此解釋創作廣告背後的動機或概念。要開始設計廣告,第一步是要知道「受眾目標」,旨在認識誰是目標顧客、目標群體或目標客群。其次再深入了解「受眾目標」的背景或喜好等等,並對此加以分析。創作再加上其他如電腦效果等配合,就更能令廣告效果相得益彰。

在講座上, Andrew 更以互動形式與同學交流。在預設的題目下,同學分組討論及匯報。在短短的時間內,同學不但發揮不同創意,並且積極投入參與設計。Andrew 亦讚嘆同學們的急才及團隊精神。同學們均認為是次講座獲益良多,有些同學更因此而加深了對市場學的興趣。

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Michelle Chan - Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary section)

This is the first time I have attended a talk about marketing. I found this talk about Manning’s Cat very interesting and practical.

Mr. Lee taught us the procedure of producing an advertisement in a simple way. He said the most important things are figuring out how to start and what to say. The first step is to know more about our target customers, which can be categorized into the following aspects: Psychographic vs demographic, segmentation marketing vs mass marketing etc. The second step is to present the whole message in an entertaining way to impress our target customers.

In my opinion, what Mr. Lee said actually embodies the whole advertising industry. The basic concept is fairly simple, knowing your target customers and communicating with them in an entertaining way; so they will buy the products. However, during the whole process, there will be a great deal of hard work to make everything perfect and feasible. Anyway, I am just taking this with a pinch of salt. I do not know much yet, but undoubtedly this talk opens my eyes to this creative industry and I am thankful to that.


Chloe Cheung - Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary section)

I joined the talk on Saturday. It made me know more about marketing and how to promote a brand. I think it was quite useful for me as I have learnt more on how to understand others’ needs, since Mr Lee had showed us some really good examples on how to make a good advertisement.

On the other hand, I would like to know more about why he would use the cat as the main character in the Mannings’ advertisement. I am interested in the process of making an advertisement. I think it would be more interesting if the talk has covered the process of producing an advertisement.

Overall, I think it was a great opportunity for me to have the chance to attend this talk. After attending this talk, I have learnt more about marketing and the real business world.