Information Seminar and EventDate 
Fire Engineering Programmes (Part-time) Information Seminar 201921 Feb 2019 Details
Information Seminar for MSc Education programme, University of Bristol21 Feb 2019 Details
Information Seminar - BA/BA (Hons) Marketing Management, Edinburgh Napier University [Top-up Degree Programme]22 Feb 2019 Details
Information Seminar - BA (Hons) Accounting (Full-time & Part-time) and BA Accounting and Finance (Part-time) Top-up Degree Programmes25 Feb 2019 Details
Information Seminar for Doctor of Education programme, University of Bristol26 Feb 2019 Details
B&M Lecture Series 2019- Blockchain and How It is being used in Business World01 Mar 2019 Details
Professional Development Seminar: 如何利用擴增實境(AR)和虛擬實境(VR)技術去幫助教與學 How Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality is Going to Change Teaching and Learning.02 Mar 2019 Details
Japanese Culture Talk (For Full-time/Part-time, Full Degree/Top-up Degree Programmes)15 Mar 2019 Details
Information seminar of 3-Year UK Bachelor's Honours Degree programmes 「在港修讀三年制英國大學榮譽學士學位」課程講座16 Mar 2019 Details
BA (Hons) Business Administration and Management, De Montfort University (Part-time Top-up)03 Apr 2019 Details
BSc (Hons) Computing Science/ Business Information Technology, Staffordshire University08 Apr 2019 Details
Information Seminar - Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (Part-time)08 Apr 2019 Details
BSc(Hons) Information Technology for Business, Coventry University10 Apr 2019 Details