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Notes for Online Application 申請須知
Notes for Online Application 申請須知
  1. All supporting documents, including copies of academic transcripts of applicant’s qualification, certificates of public examination results, professional qualifications/ Licence (if any) and work experience (including duly completed and signed "Confirmation of Hong Kong Property Management Work Experience"), MUST be uploaded during application. Files submitted, in pdf, png, or jpg format, should not exceed 5MB in file size.
    申請人必須在申請時上傳所有證明文件副本,包括學歷成績單、公開考試成績證書,和專業資格/ 牌照(如具備)及工作經驗 (包括已填妥及簽署的 "香港物業管理工作經驗確認書")。提交文件限以PDF ,PNG或JPG格式,文件的大小總計請勿超過5MB。
  2. An email acknowledgement will be automatically generated after the application is successfully submitted.
  3. Enquiries on your application status can be made by visiting our seven working days after submission of your application form.
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    請使用完全支援HTML5的瀏覽器瀏覽本網站,如微軟的Internet Explorer 10或以上,或最新的Google Chrome。您亦需要在瀏覽器中啟用JavaScript。
  5. In order to successfully complete the payment process, please use one of the recommended browsers below.
    • Chrome - version 30+
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Personal Particulars (Please complete in English if you apply for Advanced / Professional Diploma programmes or above)
個人資料 (申請高等 / 專業文憑或以上課程請務必以英文填寫)
* Name in English
(as shown on HKID Card/ Passport)

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    學業成績平均點數(e.g. 2.49)
    Attachment all transcripts of the study period should be submitted

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    Name of Awarding Institution and Country
    Title of Professional Qualification
    Month and Year of Award

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Declaration 聲明

  1. I declare that I have read and understood the nature and details of the Notes for Online Application, Application Guide & Programme Information.
  2. I declare that all the information given in support of this application form and the attached supporting documents are, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete, and I agree to provide original document(s) for verification of my qualifications when required. I understand that this information will be used in the admission decision process, I accept that if, in reading and completing this application, I knowingly or carelessly provided untrue or incomplete information, any offer of admission, whether accepted or not, may be disqualified and/or I may be required to withdraw from any programme which I am enrolled in and all fees paid will not be refunded.
  3. I authorize CityU SCOPE to obtain, and the relevant authorities to release, any and all information about my academic, work experience and/or professional qualifications/licence obtained in Hong Kong and elsewhere.
    本人授權香港城市大學專業進修學院向有關機構查詢或索閱本人以往之學歷, 工作經驗及/或專業資格/牌照。
  4. I authorize CityU SCOPE to use my data to carry out checks regarding my application and records of previous studies in the University and other institutions.
  5. I understand that, upon my registration in a programme, the data will become part of my student record and may be used for all purposes relating to my study in the programme.
  6. I consent that if admitted to the programme, I will conform to the statutes and regulations of City University of Hong Kong, CityU SCOPE and awarding institution.

Non-local Applicants 非本地之申請人

  1. All applicants must produce appropriate identity document(s) for verification at the time of enrolment. Non-local applicants should produce a valid student visa which has been validated at the immigration checkpoint upon entry to Hong Kong. Please note that CityU SCOPE will not sponsor students’ visa application. Students have the responsibility to comply with the immigration rules, regulations and conditions governing their eligibility for studies and stay in Hong Kong. According to the policy of the Education Bureau, Mainland students are not allowed to study non-local programmes in Hong Kong. For details, please contact the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government (Tel: 2824 6111; Website:
    申請人必須於遞交申請時提供有效的身份證明文件。非本地申請人必須持有由香港入境事務處所簽發之學生簽證或有效證件方可入讀本院課程。 香港城市大學專業進修學院無法為申請人安排學生簽證事宜。學生有責任遵守有關其在香港學習和居留資格的相關規則、條例及條件。根據教育局的 政策,內地學生不得在香港入讀非本地課程。詳情請聯絡入境處 (電話: 2824 6111 ; 網址

Collection of Personal Data 個人資料收集

  1. The personal data you provide in this form will be used for your application, admission, registration, alumni communication, and direct marketing purposes. We will provide you with information on our programmes / courses to help navigating your lifelong learning. You always have the right to request us to stop using your personal data in marketing communications by sending a written unsubscribe request to the School at any time.

Source of Information 資訊來源

How do you know CityU SCOPE/ this programme? (You may choose more than one option)
如何獲悉本院 / 本院課程資料? (可以選擇多於一項)


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Personal Particulars (Please complete in English if you apply for Advanced / Professional Diploma programmes or above)
個人資料 (申請高等 / 專業文憑或以上課程請務必以英文填寫)

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Academic Qualification (in reverse chronological order and attach copies of transcripts)
學術資歷 (請按時間倒序,先列最近期資歷,並上載成績單副本)

Please provide your Academic Qualification

Please choose your Highest Level of Education Attained

Professional Qualification/License (in reverse chronological order and attach supporting documents)
專業資格 (請按時間倒序,先列最近期資歷,並上載成績單副本)

Please provide your Professional Qualification/License

Work Experience (in reverse chronological order)
工作經驗 (請按時間倒序排列)

Please provide your Work Experience

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Programme(s) Applied – Additional Question(s) 申請課程 -其它問題

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