Welcome to Part-Time Lecturers Corner (PTL Corner)

To align with SCOPE's mission - "To provide quality life-long education for professional practice, retraining and self-development which anticipates and responds to community needs as well as social and technological changes", all part-time teaching staff are encouraged to keep their knowledge up-to-date to keep up with the fast evolving education system. In view of this, SCOPE designs this website with an aim to serve as an online platform through which you can obtain updated news about professional development activity opportunities organized either by SCOPE or external organizations. Other relevant and useful information for professional development will be posted on this website from time to time. Please do visit this website regularly!

My role as the Part-Time Lecturers Development Coordinator is to support and promote staff development for part-time teaching staff and enhance the communication between the School and the part-time teaching staff. For non-programme specific academic matters, please feel free to contact me at cmyolam@cityu.edu.hk  or 3442-7119. For administrative matters, please contact by admin.pts@scope.edu or 3442-2053. For programme-specific matters, please contact your respective Programme Support Team.

Y O Lam
PTL Development Coordinator