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Critical English Communication Skills CEF

This module aims to develop students’ critical thinking ability through reading and writing, and improve students’ writing and oral skills in workplace correspondence.

Leadership and Management CEF

This module aims to develop students’ appreciation of the attributes and skills required of a leader, the competence in managing people and knowledge in developing business strategy compatible with the environmental changes.

Principles & Essentials of Practices CEF

This module aims at equipping students of the knowledge and skills in understanding the basic principles underpinning facility and property management including law, community development, principles and tortuous responsibilities of property management. 

Advanced Management Practices CEF

The aim of this module is to provide a greater in-depth understanding of procedures related to facility and property management, with increasing attention given to implementation and workable skills of various facilities and properties management including different aspects of property asset maintenance and provision within different asset portfolio.

Operations & Maintenance CEF

The aim of the module is to give students a sufficient understanding of the operations and maintenance of properties to enable them to play an efficient role when working with other professional disciplines in the managing and maintenance the facilities of the property. It is designed to give students a basic understanding the context of the property operation and maintenance associated with specific elements of a building.

Building Technology and Energy CEF

The aim of the module is to introduce the students to the subject of building services in general, with particular emphasis on the energy management and performances of the various types of buildings. It is designed to give students a basic knowledge, skills and regulations to facilitate the performance of the building services. 

Legal Studies CEF

The aim of the module is to equip students with the ability to recognise and resolve legal problems within a framework of the substantive law and legal systems of Hong Kong. Furthermore, this module is also to develop students’ understanding of the general principles of the law of contract, the principles of the law of torts, and  the key legislations relating to landlord and tenant in both a commercial and residential context.  This is a comprehensive module on legal concerns of facility and property management.

Finance & Business CEF

This course aims to develop students’ ability to deliver Facilities and Property management services aligned with the organisation’s financial approach in the business world.

English Enrichment II (2 credits)

This module aims to develop students’ English language proficiency in academic contexts, and enhance students’ abilities in writing project reports.

Quality Assessment & Innovation CEF

The module aims to introduce students to the importance of quality assurance in facility management.  Students will be equipped with the ability to enforce innovative plans and actions in improving the effectiveness of quality assurance.

Risk Assessment & Management CEF

The module aims to enable students to understand different kinds of risk when managing and operating in a building and to be aware of any risk whenever a policy is to be executed.  Students will be trained to perform risk management with practical knowledge and skills indoctrinated.

Project Management CEF

The module aims to provide students with basic knowledge of management and finance so as to facilitate the administration of real life operational problems related to the built environment within a specific time frame.

Integrated Project (6 credits) CEF

The module aims to train students to independently carry out a project that is multi-disciplinary within areas of property and facility management.  Students are encouraged to present their own findings and make innovative ideas.  Projects must meet at least three competencies of a facility manager as defined by IFMA.

Facility & Property Management in China CEF

The module aims to equip students with knowledge and practices to work on both property and facility management in the geographical region of China Mainland.   Students will be trained the environment, practices, principles, laws, procedures and systems that are different from that in Hong Kong.

Sustainable and Intelligent Buildings CEF

The module aims to introduce students to the concept that the construction of intelligent buildings (IBs) is the main trend of the 21st century and that an IB can improve the working performance and efficiency of its occupants.  At the same time, students will learn that IBs are sustainable and help to protect the environment.  Students will also be introduced to various hardware and software facilities related to an IB.

Management of Special Premises CEF

The module aims to equip students with specific skills required for managing special premises such as commercial and office buildings, residential buildings, transportation terminals, hospitals and schools etc.