3-Year UK Bachelor's Honours Degree Programmes


CityU SCOPE has been a pioneer and major provider of quality professional and life-long education in Hong Kong for more than 25 years. We aim to provide quality education for professional practice, retraining and self-development which anticipates and responds to community needs as well as social and technological changes. Those who are keen to upgrade and improve themselves, regardless of their learning needs, will find that CityU SCOPE’s quality programmes facilitate their progression along the qualifications ladder.
As CityU SCOPE celebrates its 29th anniversary in 2020, our School has already established co-operation with overseas universities in offering top-up degree programmes since the early 1990’s. We have nurtured over 30,000 bachelor degree graduates, and many of them are now making significant contributions to various sectors of society.
We capitalise on our rich experience in providing programmes recognized by the Qualifications Framework (QF) and take the lead to introduce 3-Year UK Bachelor’s Honours Degree programmes since 2016. Jointly offered by prestigious UK universities and us, these programmes of five major disciplines have been delivered locally: Business Management, Language and Communication, Social Science, Information Technology for Business, and Aviation Management. These programmes are desirable options for HKDSE graduates.
These programmes have been approved by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) as reaching QF Level 5, which is equivalent to the standing of local university degrees. As such, students are eligible for applying Government grants, loans, and scholarships. Graduates of these programmes can also apply for Government posts, and take up Master’s degree study in local or overseas universities.
Every year, thousands of students in Hong Kong go abroad to study, and the UK is a popular destination. By offering 3-Year UK Bachelor’s Honours Degree programmes locally, CityU SCOPE provides HKDSE graduates with an alternative route for obtaining UK university degrees without the need to study abroad.


為幫助學生面對升學的挑戰,學院自2016 年起與英國多家知名大學合作,在港開辦「三年制英國大學榮譽學士學位課程」,為香港中學文憑畢業生提供商業管理及營銷、語文傳意、社會科學、商業資訊科技、航空管理五類課程