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Basic Information

Programme Code 223-19391
Commencement Date October 2022**
Application Fee HK$160+
Tuition Fee^ 

Total – HK$255,600

  Year 1 – HK$56,800
  Year 2 – HK$71,000
  Year 3 – HK$127,800
Enquiry Tel: 3442 7768/ 3442 7423

+Application fee can be waived through online application.

^There will be slight variations in the tuition fees based on the credits of study, but the total amount will remain unchanged.

**Diploma in International Degree Foundation will commence in mid-August 2022.

Programme Aims & Features

Programme Aims

This programme aims to provide students with a sound knowledge base in applied social science and an academic base for postgraduate study. It also helps students to develop key personal and transferable skills associated with future employment in a rapidly changing environment and cultivates an open-minded enquiring attitude and independent learning capacity that enhance life-long learning.


Programme Features

  • The programme is tailor-made for students who would like to pursue a career in social services.
  • The programme provides students with broad-based social science knowledge through a range of modules. Besides, it provides students with an opportunity to experience in a real work context with the module ‘Work Placement’ so that their employability is enhanced and integration of theories and practice is enabled.
  • Graduates will be eligible to apply for a range of postgraduate programmes in local and overseas universities. They will also be ready for a wide range of careers in the public and private sectors.
  • 本課程特別為有志投身社會服務的學生而設
  • 本課程除了為學生提供深厚的社會科學知識,並為他們安排社會服務實習機會,理論與實踐並重
  • 畢業生可以申請本地及海外大學的碩士學位課程,也可以在公營及私營機構內任職

Programme Structure

Programme Structure


Admission Route 入學途徑

Graduates' Sharing

WOO Tin Long Harold
(2021 Graduate)

I can still vividly remember the day when my public exam results did not meet my expectations. Feeling extremely frustrated, I started to think of giving up on my studies. However, the Applied Social Science degree proved to be a key turning point in my academic life.

At CityU SCOPE, not only did I cross paths with a group of friendly and helpful teaching staff who inspired me to strive for excellence in my studies, but I was also exposed to numerous opportunities which allowed me to strengthen my language abilities as well as my awareness towards occupational and social issues. Through studying a wide range of subjects including Psychology, Sociology, Law and Politics, I discovered my interest in the field, with confidence and enthusiasm as the building blocks that supported me in reaching greater heights. Students, what are you waiting for? Just do it! Sky’s the limit!

CHAN Ka Yue Bonita
(2021 Graduate)

I graduated from the Applied Social Science programme in 2021 and it has given me more than I could have asked for. Initially, I was drawn in by the psychology aspect of the course, whereby aside from the core concepts of psychology, it also incorporated lessons on workplace psychology, counselling and psychotherapy and welfare practice.

Apart from this, this course offered an opportunity for me to learn about law, politics and sociology. These may seem like very different topics, but to me personally, they are inextricable linked. Having a fundamental knowledge on psychology gave me a holistic understanding of human behaviour, meanwhile law, politics and sociology are founded upon decisions made by us, along with societal influences at a specific moment in time. Hence, having this psychological knowledge allowed me to think more critically about the establishment of different legislation, power struggles and social phenomena. Ultimately, these three years gave me a well-rounded experience, which to me will always be practical and treasured.

CHOU Hok Hei Michael
(2020 Graduate)

It was a wise decision to study the BAASS Programme offered by Sheffield Hallam University three years ago. The Programme introduces all-rounded social sciences knowledge to students. I enjoyed the detailed and stimulating lectures and the inspiring discussions held in tutorials, and I was much impressed by the enthusiasm and dedication of my teachers. I have gained a much clearer picture of the society as well as the world and the types of problems that they are facing.

Upon graduation, I come to realize how much I have earned during the years. I have a wider horizon of the social science knowledge which helps me positively to work out my career path.

KAM Chack Yuen Charlson
(2020 Graduate)

As a student who has great passion to analyze many issues or problems in societies in a more holistic manner, I was so blessed to have chosen the BAASS Programme as my degree study three years ago. The Programme not only provides students with all-rounded theoretical knowledge of social sciences, but also facilitates them to develop insightful and critical thinking when understanding the local and global world.

In addition, the SCOPE has provided students with a great platform to study. I am very thankful to all of the teaching staff who have provided me with very constructive feedback on every piece of my assessment task helping me to achieve outstanding academic results.

YUEN Pui Lum Prairie
(2020 Graduate)

It has been a content experience in studying the BAASS Programme offered by Sheffield Hallam University. The degree gained is a cornerstone in building my academic qualifications with sound knowledge in Sociology, Politics, and Psychology throughout my three-year study. The immense support I had from all the teaching staff and my peers during my studies, especially in my final year with my Applied Dissertation, had motivated me to work hard and always attain my goals. Moreover, the various activities on linguistics, social development and career planning provided by the Student Development Services of the SCOPE have made our university life fruitful and well-guided for both our future advanced studies and career development.

Video Corner

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Admission Route
Tuition Fees


BA (Hons) Applied Social Science is recognized under the Qualifications Framework Level 5, QR Registration Number: 14/002769/L5 Validity Period: 01/09/2014 to 31/08/2022.

This is an exempted programme under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance (reference number 451254). It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this programme may lead.

<應用社會科學榮譽文學士>在資歷架構下獲得認可。資歷級別: 第五級,資歷名冊登記號碼: 14/002769/L5,登記有效期: 由01/09/2014至31/08/2022。

本課程已獲非本地高等及專業教育(規管)條例豁免註冊(參考編號: 451254),個別僱主可酌情決定是否承認本課程可令學員獲取的任何資格。



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