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BA (Hons) Business and Management is recognized under the Qualifications Framework Level 5, QR Registration Number: 20/000551/L5, Validity Period: 01/09/2020 to 31/08/2025.

商業及管理榮譽文學士 在資歷架構下獲得認可。資歷級別: 第五級,資歷名冊登記號碼: 20/000551/L5,登記有效期: 由01/09/2019 至31/08/2025。

BA (Hons) Business Management*

*The programme was formerly named as BA (Hons) Business Administration and Management.

Awarding University

De Montfort UniversityDe Montfort University (DMU) is a dynamic and inclusive 21st-century university with a history of teaching, training and developing talent that can be traced back 150 years. Today, DMU is continuing to build a reputation founded on a clear focus on graduate careers. Our careers service, DMU Works, was named the Best University Careers/Employability Service at the UK’s National Undergraduate Employability Awards in 2021. This award demonstrates our commitment to graduate success with flexible and personalised career support tailored to students’ needs, alongside a variety of industry experience opportunities with placements, internships and employability mentoring with notable companies such as Disney, Microsoft, NHS and Rolls-Royce.

We offer every student access to a welcoming scholarly environment where they can expand their knowledge, enjoy exciting life experiences and increase their appeal to employers. Our new strategy commits us to discovering gateways of opportunity that empower students, staff and our community to create a fairer society.

DMU is in the top 10% of institutions overall recognised by the Times Higher Education’s 2020 Impact Ranking league table for our work on the United Nations’ Strategic Development Goals. DMU has halved its energy-related carbon emissions one year ahead of target, an achievement announced at the 2020 Sustainable Development Goals Conference; the university has recycled 91% of its non-residential waste. DMU is ranked in the top 50 universities in the world for sustainability in the Times Higher Education rankings.

The Faculty of Business and Law delivers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including accounting, business management and entrepreneurship, economics, law, international relations, politics, marketing, and human resource management; each one is designed with employability in mind. Housed in the Hugh Aston Building, the faculty is recognised for its quality teaching, research and excellent links with industry and with business figures.

Basic Information

Programme Code 223-19511
Commencement Date October 2022**
Application Fee HK$160
Tuition Fee^

Total – HK$255,600

  Year 1 – HK$56,800
  Year 2 – HK$71,000
  Year 3 – HK$127,800 
Enquiry Tel: 3442 5388/ 3442 7423
WhatsApp Enquiry 64107628

+Application fee can be waived through online application.

^There will be slight variations in the tuition fees based on the credits of study, but the total amount will remain unchanged.

**Diploma in International Degree Foundation will commence in mid-August 2022.

Programme Aims & Features

Programme Aims

The programme provides students with a wide range of applied skills and knowledge in Business Management. Students are encouraged to examine real-life business issues in an analytical context in Hong Kong as well as the wider global community. They are given a broad range of assessments to practise and develop their growing confidence, knowledge and practical abilities. In the final year of the programme, the students can then move on to specialize in either Marketing or Human Resource Management, so as to enhance their employability prospects in their desired field.


Programme Features

  • Offers students competitive edge in the graduate job market
  • Equips students with different employability skills in business management
  • Taught by well-qualified teaching team
  • Reputable overseas degree with almost the longest history (25 years) in HK
  • Provides specialist pathway options in either Marketing or Human Resource Management
  • Apart from the Government Scholarships, De Montfort University also offers Scholarships to students
  • 課程能提升學生於就業市場的優勢與競爭力
  • 課程能讓學生掌握不同的商業管理能力
  • 課程由高質素的教學團隊任教
  • 課程在港已開辦25年,歷史悠久,口碑載譽,認受性甚高
  • 課程設有「市場學」和「人力資源管理學」專科選修
  • 課程除政府資助和教育局獎學金計劃外,英國德蒙福特大學亦提供獎學金計劃予學員

Programme Structure

Programme Structure 課程結構


Admission Route 入學途徑

Graduates' Sharing

Rose Chau Sze Wing
(2019 Graduate)

My learning journey in BABAM has been incredibly invaluable. My school offered me a dynamic and international insight into various disciplines of business and allowed me to thrive both personally and professionally along with challenges. Besides, having the opportunity to work on complete critical analysis has contributed me with competitiveness going into my Master of Law in the UK and beyond. The skills, knowledge I acquired, and the talented people I met have increased my confidence.

Guillaume Samson
(2020 Graduate)

I have had an extremely rewarding journey with the BABAM programme offered by De Montfort University via CityU SCOPE, where my learning experience has been more than invaluable for my future career path in the business industry.

Furthermore, the professors have always been ready to provide their full support when needed and the classes are highly interactive. The professors and students engage in valuable sharing of ideas, that are crucial to the development of business understanding in the real world.

This programme certainly opens the windows of opportunity for students seeking a career path in business.

Video Corner

Graduation Ceremony 2019
在港修讀 CityU SCOPE
三年制英國大學榮譽學士課程 - 學生篇
Our Students
在港修讀 CityU SCOPE
三年制英國大學榮譽學士課程 - 家長篇
Our Parents
Admission Route
Tuition Fees

BA (Hons) Business Management is recognized under the Qualifications Framework Level 5, QR Registration Number: 21/000256/L5, Validity Period: 30/08/2021 to 31/08/2025.

This is an exempted programme under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance (reference number 450283). It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this programme may lead.

<商業管理榮譽文學士>在資歷架構下獲得認可。資歷級別: 第五級,資歷名冊登記號碼: 21/000256/L5,登記有效期: 由30/08/2021 至31/08/2025。

本課程已獲非本地高等及專業教育(規管)條例豁免註冊(參考編號: 450283),個別僱主可酌情決定是否承認本課程可令學員獲取的任何資格。