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BA (Hons) English for International Corporate Communication is recognized under the Qualifications Framework Level 5, QR Registration Number: 14/002654/L5 Validity Period: 01/09/2014 to 31/08/2023.

<英語國際企業傳意榮譽文學士> 在資歷架構下獲得認可。資歷級別: 第五級,資歷名冊登記號碼: 14/002654/L5,登記有效期: 由01/09/2014至31/08/2023。

BA (Hons) English for International Corporate Communication

Awarding University

De Montfort UniversityThe University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is one of the UK’s largest universities with a student and staff community over 38,000. Internationally the University is on a world stage where the first class quality of its education was recognised. It has partnerships with 123 international institutions across the world and was ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide for the number of international students.

In 2010, the University became the first UK modern Higher Education institution to appear in the QS World University Rankings. The Guardian University Guide for 2018 has named UCLan as one of the UK’s most improved universities. The University’s success in this UK league table has followed the institution’s recent international recognition. The Center for World University Rankings has ranked UCLan as top 6.5% of worldwide universities in 2020-21.

The School of Language and Global Studies is a leader in the field of teaching English for Professional Purposes and Intercultural Communication. The British Council report 2016 named the School as a centre of excellence. It has also received government commendation regularly through the UK Quality Assurance Agency for providing a learning environment of the highest quality.

Basic Information

Programme Code 213-19441
Commencement Date October 2021**
Application Fee HK$160+
Tuition Fee^

Total – HK$248,400

  Year 1 – HK$55,200
  Year 2 – HK$69,000
  Year 3 – HK$124,200
Enquiry Tel: 3442 5814/ 3442 7423

+Application fee can be waived through online application.

^There will be slight variations in the tuition fees based on the credits of study, but the total amount will remain unchanged.

**Diploma in International Degree Foundation will commence in mid-August 2021.

Programme Aims & Features

Programme Aims

This programme nurtures students to communicate effectively in English in a wide range of social and work-related situations. It also develops students’ understanding in their chosen specialist option – Marketing OR Translation and Interpreting.


Programme Features 

  • A strong communication programme, with emphasis on the use of English in a corporate setting
  • Students can choose one of the specialist options – Marketing OR Translation and Interpreting
  • Graduates are well-equipped for both work and further studies. They may take up career positions in management, administration, marketing and Chinese-English bilingual communications
  • 課程著重教授在商業環境下如何有效運用英語傳意技巧
  • 同學可選修「市場學」「翻譯及傳譯」其中一個專業範疇
  • 畢業生出路多元化,除可繼續進修外,亦可選擇在不同行業中發展,例如行政及管理、 市場及營銷等

Programme Structure

Programme Structure 課程結構


Admission Route 入學途徑

Graduate's Sharing

(2020 Graduate)

The programme of BAEICC helps me a lot with my career. In the module of Workplace English, for instance, I learnt how to write outstanding curriculum vitae and cover letters that can catch interviewers’ attention and help me get the job. In the second place, presentation and business writing skills I learnt in BAEICC also come in useful in the workplaces.

Furthermore, I would like to share with you some tips in my study. Firstly, it is highly recommended that you should join Student Cultural Exchange Programme which is exclusively for BAEICC students. It is a great opportunity to practise English with foreign students from UCLan and build up confidence. Besides, it is advisable to have a full understanding of your interests and career goals when you choose either translation or marketing as your pathway at the end of Year 2.

Video Corner

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Admission Route
Tuition Fees


BA (Hons) English for International Corporate Communication is recognized under the Qualifications Framework Level 5, QR Registration Number: 14/002654/L5 Validity Period: 01/09/2014 to 31/08/2023.

This is an exempted programme under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance (reference number 451362). It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this programme may lead.

<英語國際企業傳意榮譽文學士>在資歷架構下獲得認可。資歷級別: 第五級,資歷名冊登記號碼: 14/002654/L5,登記有效期: 由01/09/2014至31/08/2023。

本課程已獲非本地高等及專業教育(規管)條例豁免註冊(參考編號: 451362),個別僱主可酌情決定是否承認本課程可令學員獲取的任何資格。