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BA/BA (Hons) Marketing Management
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Module Descriptions

Brand Management (20 Credits)
This module introduces the fundamentals of strategic brand management. You will develop your knowledge and a clear understanding of brand management concepts. In undertaking this module, you will develop an ability to demonstrate understanding and application of key theories, principles and practices of brand management. Through analysis and critical evaluation of strategic brand management theory, you will be able to fully appreciate the value of brand to organisations. The key learning and associated skills you build up through participation and interaction during lecture, tutorial and independent learning will cumulate in your ability to develop strategies for the development and maintenance of brands.

International Marketing (20 Credits)
You will learn about the theory relating to the Macro Environment and explore the relationship between marketing in the home market and developing into international markets as a small, medium or large scale organisation. The social, cultural and trading environments are analysed and supported by international marketing research theory and concepts to help you gain a greater understanding of the differences between home and international markets. Having established a fuller understanding of the differences, you will evaluate the decision to enter international markets, followed by the development of the international marketing mix, implementation, monitoring and control and the evolving impact of technology on business development and international marketing.

Marketing Research and Communications (20 Credits)
Students will develop a critical awareness, knowledge and understanding of the theory and key concepts of marketing research and communications, their practical application across a range of marketing contexts and classical and contemporary approaches to consumption and consumer behaviour.

Retail Marketing (20 Credits)
This module will help you to develop an understanding of retail marketing theory and practice. A clear appreciation of the environment of retailing and the retail industry is the aim of this module in particular the highly dynamic and competitive arena that retailers of all types and sizes operate within. This includes non store retailing such as financial services. Module context will relate to topic areas such as consumer behaviour and retail marketing, the retail marketing mix, segmentation, retail brands, services retailing, location decisions, store image & display, on line retailing.

Strategic Management in a Global Context (20 Credits) CEF
Corporate strategies have to deal with an increasingly global competitive environment where successful firms are able to anticipate and respond to the environment by using their resources and capabilities to formulate and implement effective strategies. In this module you will gain an in-depth understanding of the concepts and analytical frameworks necessary for an organisation to conduct a strategic analysis, to assess its strategic choices and to implement its chosen strategy effectively. You will be encouraged to relate theory to current examples of strategy making and to analyse and review case studies and articles on real world strategic developments.

Direct and Digital Marketing (20 credits)
This module is about Direct and Digital Marketing. You will learn about database marketing and a number of electronic media: email, web-sites and the internet, social media mobile marketing and other electronic media. Direct Marketing (DM) covers DM media such as direct mail and telemarketing; also the use in DM of traditional media such as direct response advertising in newspapers and TV.

Live Project * (40 Credits)
This module enables you to work in a team on an appropriate project brief in collaboration with a business or not-for-profit organisation. You will research and present realistic proposals according to the given development, issue or problem in the brief. In so doing you should develop a range of employability skills including business report writing, persuasive business presentation skills, self and peer assessment of your teamwork skills, research and problem solving.

Leadership in a Changing Environment (20 Credits)
This module explores (from both a theoretical and practical perspective) the leadership issues and challenges surrounding the creation of a more innovative, creative organisation. You will be equipped to appreciate the importance of innovation and creativity in dynamic and effective leadership. The module will map the journey from creativity to innovation, and explore approaches to gaining competitive advantage through innovation. You will critically analyse models of leadership & innovation and research on leadership and managerial effectiveness in organisations, analysing the key debates within leadership and their impact on leadership practice and employees.

Marketing Management in Practice (20 Credits) CEF
Corporate strategies have to be applied in an increasingly global competitive environment where successful firms are able to anticipate and respond to the environment by using their resources and capabilities to formulate and implement effective strategies. In this module you will gain an in-depth understanding of the marketing management decisions needed for the operation of a company in an international marketplace. You will make strategic choices based on market data and company financial reports in a dynamic and highly competitive simulated environment. In making these decisions, you will apply strategic marketing theory, tools and techniques relating to marketing and promotion. You will be encouraged to work as a team to reach agreement on the decisions made and required to provide a personal evaluation of the actions taken.

Digital Marketing Analytics (20 Credits)
The module explains the fundamentals of data and digital analytics in the context of applied marketing and communications management. Areas covered include web analytics, social media analytics, and search marketing analytics, with a focus on deriving insights from digital data to make informed marketing decisions. You will get the opportunity to gain practical experience in key marketing analytics tools used in the industry, allowing you to develop not only a theoretical understanding of data-driven marketing but also gain practical skills highly valued by employers.

Dissertation (40 Credits)
The dissertation module enables you to develop research skills by undertaking a well-researched piece of critical analysis on a topic relevant to your programme. You will have the opportunity to explore a chosen topic in depth, relating it to the literature and previous research studies and to integrate your findings across subject disciplines. You will be supported and guided by an individual supervisor.

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* In team-based Live Project, terms and conditions apply.