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BA/BA (Hons) Marketing Management
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Live Project Supervisors

Dr Ken Chow

There is much pleasure in supervising Live Projects. As “Live” means real life, business concepts come to life, students are excited about it, and I share their excitement.

In Live Project, everybody contributes and gets benefits in return. For students, they contribute by helping their host organization solve business problems. In return, they gain eye-opening experience, pick up good practices, apply theories and concepts to real-life situations, develop problem-solving skills and learn how to interact with practitioners. For host organizations, they provide real-life scenarios to students and share business knowledge and different perspectives. In return, business problems get solved fully or at least partially. For university management, it facilitates student learning, transfers knowledge to the community and builds up links with the community. As for project supervisors, we groom the next generation and serve the community. In return, this fosters teaching and learning outcomes.

Indeed, with constructive interactions among students, host organizations and the university, there are knowledge sharing, cross-fertilization of ideas, generation of insights and mutual support. Seeing this win-win situation, I have a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Of course, there’re always challenges, e.g. how to manage differences in requirements / needs / expectations of different parties and how to equip students with the requisite knowledge and skills. As a project supervisor, I play the roles of business consultant/manager/facilitator/mediator. This calls for sound knowledge and rich experience in business management, global perspective and communication skills.

Well, it is a great pleasure to supervise Live Project, because it is ‘Live’ and it benefits all parties concerned. As for the challenges, I am sure these can be overcome with determination and continuous improvement.

Dr Ken Chow
Live Project Supervisor

The Live Project offers an exciting and challenging opportunity to students that they manage a real marketing-related project from a company as a team. They need to handle the Live Project from start to present it to the senior management team members of the company. They have to overcome differ obstacle from knowledge to team and project management. They got a real experience how to manage a real marketing project in the real world. It is hard but lots of fun!

Ms Noopy Ha
Live Project Supervisor

Life Project provides students with a real life experience and challenge of what they've learnt from their program. The face-to-face meeting with organization to receive briefing for business and marketing plan formulation is an invaluable experience for students. The final presentation and report submission to organization are other exciting events offered by the module. It is an excellent opportunity for students to incorporate the academic concepts and practical environment in their work.

Dr Olivia Koon
Live Project Supervisor