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BA/BA (Hons) Marketing Management
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“Edinburgh Napier University is one of the top modern universities in the UK and in Hong Kong for Business (including Marketing, Finance and Accounting). The university nurtures talent and create knowledge that shapes communities all around the world.

The Business School has been delivering full-time and part-time topup degree in the marketing field to ordinary and honours level with CityU since 2004. We have been offering the same BA/ BA (Honours) Marketing Management degree as in the UK since 2010. To continue in this trend, we have added the BA/BA Honours Marketing with Digital Media programme (BAMDM), which has been offered in the UK since 2008 in collaboration with the School of Computing.

The BA/BA (Hons) in Marketing with Digital Media is designed in response to the changes in the marketing landscape which has become more digitally oriented, and aims to equip current and future workforce with specific and finely tuned digital media skills and knowledge.

A highlight for many students is the opportunity to develop contemporary marketing knowledge and practical digital media skills. With our UK version of this programme preparing students for excellent careers in marketing management, digital media, digital marketing, brand management, advertising, market research and public relations, we anticipate similar prospects for our Hong Kong students.

Some of our graduates have been successfully working for local and international organisations, while others are successful entrepreneurs. With the number of graduates from BA/BA (Hons) Marketing Management and the previous marketing degree set shortly to reach around 1,600, and a current class of almost 280, full-time and part time, BA/BA Honours Marketing with Digital Media and BA/BA Honours Marketing Management are among SCOPE's most popular top-up courses.

Edinburgh Napier staff have enjoyed teaching our Hong Kong undergraduates, whom we have found to be hard-working, well-motivated and, best of all, successful! Failure in previous years has been extremely rare with most students gaining an honours degree and the rest electing to leave with an ordinary degree. This excellent record shows how students have managed to combine their academic study of the theory of marketing and digital media with the ability to apply it to practical situations. We look forward to working with Hong Kong students and our experienced SCOPE colleagues again to make the BAMDM degree as successful as always. What's more, as one of the top universities in the UK for the employability of its graduates, we expect Hong Kong graduates from our BAMM degrees to be just as successful.”

Dr Collins Osei and Dr Alessandro Feri
Programme Leader and Deputy Programme Leader
The Business School
Edinburgh Napier University



“Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) is one of CityU SCOPE's largest UK partners of Higher Education in Hong Kong. The ENU Business School is one of the largest and modern Business Schools in Scotland with more than 8,500 students. It offers Marketing degrees in the UK and Hong Kong.

BA/BA (Hons) Marketing Management (Part-time) was first launched in 2013. This Marketing Management programme is differentiated from all other Marketing programmes offered in Hong Kong. First, it emphasizes both theory and practice in Marketing. The BAMM programme aims to develop student's interest in and knowledge and understanding of the principles of marketing, brand management, market research, digital marketing, marketing communications, international marketing, strategic management, and marketing management in practice.

This programme will provide students with opportunities to develop and demonstrate your knowledge of marketing, strategic management, and digital marketing in order to develop their practical, critical and analytical skills and attribute. Second, most programme modules, subject to ENU guidelines, provide a combination of continuous (coursework) and supervised (exam or equivalent) assessments, as this allows students with different learning approaches to participate in a range of assessment types. Generally, coursework promotes both independent learning and employability skills such as group work and research skills. The dissertation will allow you the student to demonstrate writing, thinking and analytical skills to a high level. Third, whilst this programme is based closely on the BAMDM taught in Edinburgh, the real-life scenarios, examples, and case studies used in the learning in each module allow the Hong Kong-based student to understand and apply marketing and digital media theories in Hong Kong or Asian contexts. Fourth, The BAMM programme prepare students for a wide spectrum of careers in marketing management, brand management, advertising, market research, and public relations.

Finally, the duration for studying is relatively short. The BA Marketing Managemnet (Part-Time) consists of 100 credits and will be delivered in part-time mode for three semesters in one year. It comprises five 20-credit modules for BA Marketing Management (Part-Time). The BA(Hons) Marketing Management (Part-Time) consists of 220 credits and will be delivered in part-time mode for five semesters. It comprises nine 20-credit modules and one 40-credit Dissertation modules. The disruptive innovation and digital transformation in our society have just changed the traditional marketing practice, the jobs have become more demanding. The ENU-SCOPE BAMM programme is among the best part time marketing programme that can help further your career goals.

Dr. Lee Koon Nam Henry, Programme Leader 
School of Continuing and Professional Education
City University of Hong Kong