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BSc (Hons) Aviation Management
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Admission Requirements

Each applicant must hold one of the following qualifications to be considered for admission:

a) Associate Degree, Higher Diploma or equivalent qualification in aviation discipline; OR

b) Associate Degree, Higher Diploma or equivalent qualification in logistics‐related discipline with coverage in airport operations, air transportation, and business; OR

c) Either one of the following professional licenses: Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) (HKAR-66 or equivalent) / Commercial Pilot License (CPL)/Air Transport Pilot License (ATPL) issued by an ICAO Contracting State; PLUS at least two years of aviation relevant work experience; OR

d) Associate Degree, Higher Diploma or equivalent qualification in other disciplines PLUS at least three years of relevant work experience in aviation or logistics industry; OR

e) Applicants who do not possess the above qualifications but have a leadership role in aviation or logistics related disciplines will be considered on a case‐by‐case basis.

The requirement of English proficiency for admission is a minimum overall IELTS score of 6.5.  Graduates of HD/AD in which English is the medium of instruction are considered as meeting the English proficiency requirement.

Remark: Bridging module(s) may be required subject to individual applicant's qualifications. 


Non-local Applicants

Non-local applicants are defined as persons entering Hong Kong for purpose of education with a student visa or entry permit issued by the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government.

For details, please contact the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government (Tel: 2824 6111; Website:



1. What is the difference between the usual management degree programme and this aviation management programme?
This is a highly focused business management degree, designed to develop resilient professionals able to proactively apply specialist knowledge, skills and capabilities in a diverse, global aviation industry. We have naturally the basis and essential of management modules but will focus on current aviation development in a global context.

The course focuses on management of the multi-faceted aviation industry from day one. You will be encouraged to explore the complex inter-relationships that exist between various stakeholders, such as airlines, airport operators, regulators, representative bodies and industry suppliers, in what is a dynamic and challenging environment
2. Will there be any study or familiarization tour arranged for the students?
We will endeavor to organize study groups or tours to aviation corporations for students subject to time and acceptance from the companies concerned. We consider these visits could give students the knowledge of how the theories will be put into practice.
3. What will be the employability of the graduate?
Graduates of AM programme will be eligible in many jobs in the aviation industry, e.g. airlines (cadet pilots, cabin crew, ground handling, customer services, flight operations, planning, administration etc.), regulator (government), air traffic control services, airport operator, ground services, aviation consultancy, air cargo logistics, etc. Currently, opportunities are developing in the field of aircraft leasing and financing, which Hong Kong Government have pledged to foster.
4. What will be the further studies opportunities?
Many of our graduates proceed postgraduate education either in Hong Kong or overseas, in field of aviation, transport policy and planning, advance management and others.
5. What will I learn from this programme?
This programme covers a wide spectrum of aspects of in aviation, ranging from operations (including the financing and administration) of the players in the industry, the interactions among them, their management strategies and visions as well as the influence from the governments and international organisations. You can find the details in our course information.

This programme also aims at training students to prepare themselves to work independently and assume the managerial roles in the aviation organisations. To achieve this objective, we will encourage students to develop their critical thinking and obtain a holistic picture on any problems for derivation of solutions and business strategies.

Apart from these, with a view to grooming the students to be leaders, we have modules and assignments to enable them to get the experience to work as a team and in public speaking.
6. What will be the support from the school to our learning?
The City University has provided extensive facilities to give a favourable learning environment to the students. We have a library which accommodates large volumes of reference books about aviation, management, languages etc. and periodicals and magazines with which students can obtain up-to-date information about the development of local and international aviation. Our lecturers and tutors are always available to give consultations and advices to students who need academic support. The school also has a team of administrative staff to address the needs of the students.
7. What is the medium for teaching in this programme?
English is the main language used in aviation, both in operations and international communications, therefore the programme will use English as the communication media. The school has numerous facilities to assist students to enhance their English ability – these include taught English sessions in the programme and supplementary courses which students are encouraged to join and a language laboratory.