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Messages from Our Graduates

Most of us are working adults, it’s really challenging in balancing both work and study at the same time. Indeed, it’s exhausting but we never stop to learn. Though we are from different backgrounds, we share the same belief that knowledge is power, knowledge will change the world.

The course is well-structured and comprehensive for those with or without engineering backgrounds. It equipped us with the theory of developing fire engineering solution through scientific research methodology and modern computational tools. It exposed us to the practical real life experiences which are precious for our future work. Not to mention, it sharpened up our presentation skills, writing skills and problem solving skills. With that said, I believe we are ready to face challenges ahead. We could apply what we gained here to contribute back to society and make Hong Kong the safest city in the world. It’s not easy, but we will eventually achieve it step by step.

Howard Law Chi Ho, MSc in Fire Safety Engineering,
University of Central Lancashire (Two-Year Part-time Degree), 2017- 2019

My deepest appreciation is extended to our modules leaders, lecturers and tutors of CityU SCOPE, who gave us constructive criticism and friendly advices throughout our study of programme. There are a series of systematical methodologies to coach us how to solve fire engineering problems more effectively by providing with plenty of practical examples and sharing the tips from their own experiences and practices from the industry. We would not complete all the fire engineering course works in time without their guidance.

Friendship was built amongst the classmates and the teachers from the professional fields. My network was widen, especially in our career aspect.

Looking back over the past few years, I had met a lot of challenges that I never had before, especially as a part-time student who need to strike a balance between my work, studies and family. I will remember how I overcome these tough but meaningful days and hold the pictures in my minds even for many years later.

Mak Sin Hang, BEng (Hons) Fire Engineering,
University of Central Lancashire (Route 2, 230 credits, Part-time Degree), 2017- 2019