Professional Diploma, Certificate and Short Courses

Accounting and Finance 會計及財務
Professional Diploma in Tax Advisory  CEF reimbursable modules
Business Administration and Management 商業管理
Family Business Leadership Course 家族企業領導學課程     Online Application
Professional Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolutions (Mediation)  QF Level 4  CEF reimbursable modules
Calligraphy, Painting and Floral Design 書法、繪畫及花藝
荷蘭花藝導師訓練文憑  QF Level 4  CEF reimbursable modules
專業花藝師證書  QF Level 4  CEF reimbursable modules
Construction and Built Environment 建築及環境管理
Professional Diploma in Property Management  QF Level 4     Online Application
Professional Diploma in Property Management Practice  QF Level 4  CEF     
Certificate in Facility Management  QF Level 4  CEF reimbursable modules      
Hygiene and Safety 衛生及安全
Professional Diploma in Occupational Rehabilitation Management  QF Level 4      Online Application
Professional Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health  QF Level 4  CEF
Professional Certificate in Safety Auditing  QF Level 4  CEF      
食品衞生課程系列      Online Application
Applied Learning Programme 應用學習課程
應用學習課程  QF Level 4
ERB Programme 僱員再培訓局課程
QF Level 4 課程資歷已在香港資歷名冊上登記為第四級。
Locally accredited by HKCAAVQ at QF Level 4.
QF Level 3 課程資歷已在香港資歷名冊上登記為第三級。
Locally accredited by HKCAAVQ at QF Level 3.
CEF 課程已加入持續進修基金可獲發還款項課程名單內。
The programme/course is included in the list of CEF reimbursable courses.
CEF reimbursable modules 課程內之部份科目已加入持續進修基金可獲發還款項課程名單內。
Some modules of this programme are in the list of CEF reimbursable courses.