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Advanced Diploma in Management StudiesOnline Application

Module Description

Behavioural Aspect of Marketing
Provide student with the practical skills and analytical tools in diagnosing and applying the theories and concepts in relating to consumer behaviour.
Business Communication
The aim of the module is to improve students’ English proficiency for managerial employment and further studies in business. Students will acquire proper vocabulary, language structures, tones, styles and etiquette for business writing and presentation to cater for different types of audience in a contemporary business environment.
Business Law
Provide students with a basic understanding of the legal system and particularly the law related to business in Hong Kong.
Business Research and Analysis
Provide students with an understanding of the fundamental structure of research methods and the methodical process that leads to good results. The role of business researcher in planning research objectives, designing sample and measurement processes, analyzing data, and interpreting results are covered.
Business Statistics
Introduce to students the basic concepts and applications of statistics used in business, with an emphasis on interpretation of output rather with statistical methods and calculations for management decisions.
Economics for Business
Provide students with knowledge of microeconomics and macroeconomics so that they can apply those theories in analyzing the behavior of consumers, firms’ strategies and the impacts of government economic policies on the whole economy.
Electronic Commerce
Provide students with an understanding of the theories and concepts of information systems and electronic commerce (e-commerce) and how to apply these theories and concepts in today’s business world. The three major driving forces behind e-commerce – technology change, business development, and social issues are also covered.
International Business
Provide students with an understanding of the growth of international business and the impacts of globalization. The course also aims to equip students with skills and knowledge in managing international business.
Human Resources Management
Enable the students to identify and explain the major human resource functions and practices in contemporary modern business organizations with particular reference to their applications in the local context.
Introduction to Marketing
Introduce the basic marketing concepts and the four key areas of marketing, with emphasis on the integration of these areas and their application to formulating an effective marketing strategy.
Marketing Management
Provide students with a solid foundation for understanding the analytical framework for managing the marketing function of business organizations and the skills for developing and maintaining successful marketing strategies.
Organisational Behaviour
Provide students with an opportunity to apply the theoretical framework of organizational behavior to deal with daily management and organizational issues.
Performance Management
Provide students with a solid foundation for understanding the key concepts of performance & compensation management in modern business organizations. The analysis will be extended to link performance to pay through various management strategies and systems.
Principles of Accounting
Provide students with a basic understanding of the accounting system, accounting principles and accounting statements. It also enables the students to compile and analyze the statements.
Principles of Management
Provide students a basic understanding of the key management functions that are used in business organizations.  Students will be able to take a comprehensive overview of the managers’ job and how managers could effectively lead their teams to meet business challenges.