Language Enhancement Courses

English Enhancement Courses

A series of practical English courses will be offered to both full-time and part-time degree students throughout the academic year. We hope that you will pursue your academic studies with great success and prepare for your future employment as well as your social interaction with your mastery of English.

2021 June

Course Title Schedule
EEP128 Learning Authentic English Expressions Through Live Programmes 4 June 2021
EEP136 Use of English for Enquiries in English-speaking Countries  11 June 2021
EEP137 Idiomatic Expressions for Leisure Activities in English-speaking Countries 12 June 2021
EEP138 English Skills for Social Interactions 18 June 2021
EEP131 The Common Language Problems in Workplace English 25 June 2021

2021 May

Course Title Schedule
EEP125 Enhancing Your Word Power For Communication 20 May 2021

2021 April

Course Title Schedule
EEP124 English Translation of Taboos and Obscenities 9/10 April 2021
EEP118(B) Perfecting Your Essays with Advanced Academic English II: Writing Complex Phrases 12 April 2021

2021 March

Course Title Schedule
EEP114(D) Mastery of Key Academic Grammatical Features II: Connecting Devices, Hypothetical Usage, and Rhetorical Questions 3 March 2021
EEP116 Pronouncing Common Words and Place Names in English 5/6 March 2021
EEP103 Acquiring Sentence Patterns in Academic Writing 12 March 2021
EEP117 The Secrets of English Connected Speech 26/27 March 2021
EEP118(A) Perfecting Your Essays with Advanced Academic English I: Writing Complex Phrases 29 March 2021

2021 February

Course Title Schedule
EEP123 English Colloquial Expressions in A Bilingual Society 5 February 2021
EEP114(C) Mastery of Key Academic Grammatical Features I: Passive Voice, Softeners, and Present Perfect Constructions 26 February 2021

2021 January

Course Title Schedule
EEP126 Writing Job Application Letters and Post-interview Thank You Letters 4 January 2021
EEP127 Writing Winning Résumés in English 6 January 2021
EEP133 Writing Letters of Requests and Complaints and The Most Common Language Problems in The Workplace 15 January 2021

2020 December

Course Title Schedule
EEP121 10 Common Grammatical and Pronunciation Problems Made by Learners in Hong Kong 3 December 2020
EEP132 Writing A Persuasive Personal Statement for Graduate School Application 10 December 2020
EEP134 An Introduction to IELTS I: Academic Reading and Writing 11 December 2020
EEP135 An Introduction to IELTS II: Listening and Speaking 18 December 2020

2020 November

Course Title Schedule
EEP122 Practical Steps to Summarise and Synthesise Ideas 3 November 2020
EEP102 Avoiding Sentence Fragments in Academic Writing 13 November 2020
EEP130 Improving Your Listening Skills 24 November 2020

2020 October

Course Title Schedule
EEP119 Improving Your Reading Skills 6 October 2020
EEP120 30 Typical Grammatical Problems Made by Hong Kong Tertiary Students 20 October 2020

2020 September

Course Title Schedule
EEP114(A) Writing An Effective Abstract and Conclusion for Your Dissertation/ Final Year Project 16 September 2020
EEP115 Essentials of An Effective Oral Presentation 21 September 2020
EEP101 Enhancing Vocabulary for Academic Writing 25 Spetember 2020