Language Enhancement Courses

English Enhancement Courses

A series of practical English courses will be offered to both full-time and part-time Degree / Advanced Diploma students of CityU SCOPE throughout the academic year. We hope that students will pursue their academic studies with great success and prepare for future employment as well as social interaction with their mastery of English.

The following courses will be offered in Semester A, 2021-22. For course description, please refer to “Course Aims”:

  • Writing An Effective Abstract and Conclusion for Your Dissertation
  • Mastery of Key Academic Word Features
  • Improving Your Listening Skills
  • 30 Typical Grammatical Problems Made by Hong Kong Tertiary Students
  • Practical Steps to Summarise and Synthesise Ideas
  • Improving Your Reading Skills
  • 10 Common Grammatical and Pronunciation Problems Made by Learners in Hong Kong

These English Enhancement Courses are offered for CityU SCOPE students only. Eligible students will receive course details, such as date, time and registration link, through CityU email and/or Canvas.