Language Enhancement Courses

English Language Enhancement Courses

A series of courses are offered for both full-time and part-time degree students. They aim to prepare students for job applications and enhance students' academic writing skills / overall English proficiency. These courses include:

Writing Effective Academic Paper Series

Course Title Schedule
EEP114(A) Understanding the Writing Styles of Academic Papers 10 Oct 2018
EEP114(B) Writing Effective Sentences and Paragraphs in Academic Papers 12 Oct 2018
EEP114(C) Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarising in Academic Papers 23 Oct 2018
6 Nov 2018
EEP114(D) Correct Use of Referencing in Academic Papers 26 Oct 2018
16 Nov 2018
EEP128 How to Write Argumentative Essays? 13 Apr 2018
17 Apr 2018
EEP134 Eliminating Structure/Vocabulary/Word Form Problems in Your Written English 27 Feb 2018
EEP135 Producing Accurate Compound and Complex Sentences in Your Writing 1 Mar 2018

Enhancing English Pronunciation and Oral Presentation Skills Series

Course Title Schedule

EEP115 Giving an Impressive Oral Presentation

14 Nov 2018
11 Dec 2018
EEP116 English Pronunciation for Non-Native Speakers – Individual Sounds 15 Oct 2018
EEP117 English Pronunciation for Non-Native Speakers – Syllables and Stress 18 Oct 2018
EEP121 Enhancing Pronunciation with Correct Stress and Intonation 2 Nov 2018
EEP122 Could Your Pronunciation be Better? 3 Mar 2018
EEP123 Eliminating Chinglish From Your English 26 Feb 2018
EEP127 How to Excel Group Discussion Skills?

8 Dec 2018

Strengthening English Grammar and Reading Skills Series

Course Title Schedule
EEP118 How to Strengthen Our Phrasal Verbs in Writing? 22 Nov 2018
EEP119 How to Guess or Ignore the Unknown Words in Reading 31 Oct 2018
EEP120 Common Mistakes in English Grammar 20 Nov 2018
3 Dec 2018
EEP126 Effective Use of Relative Clauses in Academic Writing 6 Dec 2018

Preparation for Work Series

Course Title Schedule
EEP129 How to Write an Impressive Job Application Letter and CV? 27 Nov 2018
EEP130 How to Excel Job Interview Skills - Group and Individual? 30 Nov 2018
EEP132 Writing a Convincing Personal Statement for Graduate School Application 5 Dec 2018
EEP133 English for Business Telephoning 13 Jun 2018
EEP136 How to Excel Note-taking Skills for Writing Minutes of Meetings? 12 Nov 2018
EEP137 How to Write an Effective Reply to a Complaint Letter? 31 May 2018
EEP138 English for Socializing – International Clients and Colleagues 5 Jun 2018

Learning English with Fun Series

Course Title Schedule
EEP124(A) Learning English through movies – Inside Out (玩轉腦朋友) 26 Sep 2018
EEP124(B) Learning English through Movies – The Snowman (雪中罪) 18 Dec 2018
EEP125 Learning Travel English before You Travel 14 Dec 2018
EEP131 Learning English Through Idioms 26 Apr 2018
Apart from the tutor-led courses, there are also web-based courses for you to do at home. The web-based courses include:
Course Title Schedule
EEP101 Enhancing Vocabulary for Academic Writing 21 Sep - 12 Oct 2018
EEP102 Avoiding Sentence Fragments in Academic Writing 2 Oct - 2 Nov 2018
EEP103 Acquiring Sentence Patterns in Academic Writing 5 Nov - 7 Dec 2018
Each of these courses lasts for 5 weeks:
Week Stage Delivery
Week 1 1-hour Introduction Tutor-led
Week 1-4 Self-learning Period Access to self-learning materials in CANVAS
Week 5 1-hour Consultation Tutor-led