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Japanese Enhancement Course

Foundations in Japanese

This foundation course is designed for absolute beginners who have never studied Japanese before. The Japanese phonetic system, writing system, basic greetings, sentence structures and practical vocabulary that are suitable for beginners will be introduced in this course. It also provides opportunities for students to understand the Japanese culture, and to develop the ability to communicate in basic Japanese such as introducing oneself, daily expressions, telling the time and the date and talking about one’s preference. Students’ active participation in classroom activities and role-plays ae expected.


Putonghua Enhancement Course


通過有趣的段子(如電影、電視劇、歌曲、新聞、紀錄片、 笑話等材料)學習普通話日常交際用語,掌握地道口語詞彙及表達方式,了解普通話口語交際文化。