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(for Full-time Final Year Students)
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Learn how to confidently apply for jobs and succeed in the workplace with industry mentors!

The series of four workshops in the Making Good Choices Career Preparation Workshops help students advance the last mile between having an education and having a job.

Participating students are given the opportunity to obtain expert advice on CV preparation, learn about meeting etiquette, customer service and other practical job preparation and workplace skills. 

Led by Charitable Choice Founder & CEO, Ms Cheryl Wilson, the workshop is run by experienced management executives and HR professionals, supported by volunteers from a diverse range of professional backgrounds.

Workshops are conducted in English and on Saturday mornings starting from April 2015.  There are altogether 26 CityU SCOPE students participating across six cycles of the workshop. The students are from a range of study disciplines, including Aviation, Computer Science & IT, Language & Communication, Social Sciences, Accounting, Business Studies, and Hospitality & Tourism. 

Making Good Choices is an initiative of Charitable Choice, a registered not-for-profit charity organization promoting charitable gifting for a better Hong Kong.  Funds raised by Charitable Choice also support the Making Good Choices workshops for the youth in Hong Kong.

CityU SCOPE is supportive of the programme because it is a self-financed institution in continuing and professional education with limited resources in providing quality career planning, internship and mentorship opportunities.  

“Our experience working with the youth since Charitable Choice’s inception in 2011 and the desire to help students prepare better for interviews and job opportunities is the driving force behind our Making Good Choices initiative.  If our small intervention can positively influence an individual’s chance of gainful employment through which to contribute to our society, we’ve made a positive impact,” said Cheryl Wilson, Founder & CEO of Charitable Choice.

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Student Sharing on Career Preparation Workshops

Francis CHU, BA (Hons) Accounting

The Making Good Choices workshops provided me with a great opportunity to learn how to prepare for my future career. After four weeks’ meetings, I got a lot of detailed advice on my CV and cover letter. The most helpful experience is that the workshops arranged two mock interviews for participants. The interviewers gave much helpful information for our career preparation. I recommend other students to participate in these workshops and hope that would be continued for the coming students.


MANGALINO Jessica Joyce Mancenon, BA (Hons) Business Administration and Management

I am very much thankful that I've decided to join this workshop. Every week I learned new things that would help me equip myself for my future. This workshop also provided professional mock interviews and it was a privilege to be able to experience this as I felt more confident after every interview. It was also a great experience to work with Ms Cheryl Wilson and her team as they ensured we were all taken care of and would be able to leave the workshop ready to step into a new phase in life. I highly recommend this workshop to absolutely anyone who is still in University or is a fresh graduate.


Henry TANG, BA (Hons) Business Administration and Management

As a fresh graduate with a lack of work experience, I think that the Making Good Choices Career Preparation Workshops did help me to be well-prepared for job interviews and future career development. All guidance and advice given by the workshop leaders and volunteers were very useful, especially in developing professional resume and cover letter. Practical interview techniques and tips were also taught in detail and these enhanced my confidence in finding a job later on. Most importantly, the workshop helped me understand more about my strengths and weaknesses so that I could make further improvement for a better future. Overall the Career Preparation Workshops are a good place and valuable experience for students to join and broaden their horizons.


Christine WONG, BA (Hons) English for International Corporate Communication

The Making Good Choices workshops have provided an invaluable experience for me in preparing my future career. I have obtained lots of constructive advice in preparing a CV and cover letter. Two mock interviews conducted help improve my interview skills. Therefore, I would highly recommend the workshop to other students. I am sure that the workshop could be beneficial to them.


Tammy TSANG, BSc (Hons) Aviation Management

The Making Good Choices workshops provided an invaluable experience for me to learn more about preparing for my future career. All of the expert advice from the workshop leaders was useful and professional – especially the detailed guidance on preparing a CV and cover letter.  In addition to this they were helpful in preparing us for job interviews by conducting mock interviews and sharing job interview preparation tips from recent graduates who are now Management Trainees in large corporations.  After completing this workshop I have clearly established my career goals and enhanced by interview skills.


Marco YUEN, BSc (Hons) Aviation Management

I am glad that I participated in the Making Good Choices Career Preparation workshops. Cheryl, the programme leader, shared many of her personal experiences and explained the different interview scenarios we may encounter. Most impressively, we were provided two mock interview opportunities to help improve our interview techniques.


Melody WONG, BA (Hons) International Business Management

The Career Preparation Workshops are helpful for my future career path, I hope the provision of these practical workshops would be continued for the coming students.


Kelly LUI, BA (Hons) Marketing Management

I find the Workshops useful for me, especially the parts of CV writing and job interview, which are very beneficial to my career development.


Catherine MUNG, BA (Hons) International Business Communication with Chinese

Mock interviews make me feel more confident in looking for a job afterwards.


Jammy WOO, BA (Hons) Hospitality and Service Management

The instructors are friendly and helpful, and they often encourage us to participate in the discussion. They welcome our questions on career and job-related issues. I enjoy the activities and highly recommend it to other students.


Daizy TANG, BA (Hons) Accounting

After participating in the Workshops, I am confident in attending interviews on my dream job. The most insightful part was some volunteers from industries were invited and they gave me valuable advice for my future career. It is a memorable experience for me as I have broadened my knowledge in the workplace.

Student Sharing on Job Shadowing / Short-term Internship

Issac SZETO, BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology

I worked in a company called Icicle Group for my short term internship from July to August this year. Icicle Group was founded in 1998 and it has branch offices in Asia and Europe. Icicle Group provides solutions and services to its clients, such as graphic design, brand asset management and e-Commerce solutions. Although Icicle Group provides many services and solutions, the main service is print management.

During the internship, my responsibility was to assist in the daily operations of the IT team, including some coordination and arrangement work. The knowledge that I learned from the top-up degree programme was used during my internship. For example, I helped my supervisor to review business continuity plan (BCP) of the company and pointed out some parts that needed updating to match the current situation. I learned that the structure and related knowledge of the BCP came from 386COM Business Continuity and Compliance, which is included in the curriculum of the degree programme.

Also, I helped the company to fix bugs and improved their management information system by writing SQL statements and editing PHP webpages. I learned SQL syntax from 220CT Data and Information Retrieval in the first term of the degree programme. Beside MIS and the BCP, I helped the company to design an order counting system using the existing solutions provided by other companies, I know the current development and the situation of the internet services thanks to courses such as 304KM Information Technology and Global Development.

I gained a lot of personal development skills during this short term internship. For example, I acquired verbal communication skills that helped me avoid offending people or causing misunderstanding during meetings. Also I gained self-confidence working in the real world since I didn’t have any working experience before this internship. I became more mature and considerate as I was able to meet different kinds of people during the internship.

In conclusion, this short term internship gave me a lot of experience that I didn’t have before. Thanks to that, I am proud to say that I am now much better equipped to face difficulties in future.


Andrew WONG, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

CWCC Certified Public Accountants is a local professional advisory firm which provides a full range of business service in Hong Kong and major cities in mainland China including Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanchang and Macau, CWCC also branches out business into Latin America, Spain and Japan.

During the internship period, I did a lot of tasks related to auditing, such as updating database, bookkeeping for customer bank account, and finding mistakes when data are not in balance. With this experience, it would be an advantage for me to look for a clerical job in the near future.

Besides, I needed to do research related to outbound investment, such as the benefit for investing in Poland and Italy. This gave me a chance to understand more countries that are conducive to invest in. Moreover, I was assigned to do research on the Hong Kong Company Ordinance as how to create a company limited by guarantee. It will be a benefit when I need to create a new company or help other people to create a new company in the future.

This internship allowed me to apply what I have learned from my study of accounting and finance, for example, processing statement, invoice and cost of goods sold for the company. On the other hand, I learned from the research on the outbound investment, and the effect on economy system when high inflation occurs. After my internship experience, I understand the operations of a local audit firm in Hong Kong, and gain knowledge and sensitivity regarding the Hong Kong and China market. In the office, most of my colleagues are communicating in English which has provided me an excellent opportunity to practice my English language skills and has made me more confident in speaking English. In conclusion, the internship has provided me a good opportunity to participate in hands-on real-life work and understand the workplace environment.


Pui Man LAM, BA (Hons) Accounting

I acted as a trainee under the audit group in CWCC, a CPA (Certified Public Accountants) firm. At the beginning of the internship, easier jobs were assigned to me. Doing the indent sales and purchases schedule was my first job. It was just the basic book keeping procedure. After two days, the job of verification which was part of the audit work was assigned to me. The previous indent sales and purchase schedule were verified to the sales and purchases invoices. This job required prudence, and cautiousness. Therefore, it is quite challenging for me.

Later, the job of bookkeeping was assigned to me. There are two ways of bookkeeping in the firm, which are application of MYOB and Microsoft Excel. I appreciated that I learnt these two applications from my Associate Degree. The first bookkeeping job was done by the MYOB. Although I learnt the application of MYOB, I was not proficient in the practice. It was surely a great opportunity to apply what I have learnt in the job. At the beginning, I did not remember how to use MYOB. Fortunately, my colleagues are kind and helpful. I can now prepare the bookkeeping by myself. Afterwards I prepared the bookkeeping with Microsoft Excel. Compared with MYOB, using excel seemed much easier since the data inputted in MYOB would be difficult to make changes. However, it was not the case. The first job was entering the transactions according to the paper document at hand, while the second one was entering the transactions according to the bank documents and other online databases. The first job could be considered easier as all the transactions were clear. The second task required me to trace all transactions from different sources. More prudence and clear mind were required. Also, the job was assigned by another colleague who encouraged interns to do the job on their own. . The whole procedures were done by myself. The colleague gave us some comments and taught us how to do the similar task at the end.

Mr. Wong, the partner of CWCC, is genuine in helping youth to learn more. I have been equipped a lot during the internship. The knowledge and practical skills related to the accounting are surely the main benefits. This internship provides me with a valuable opportunity to apply what I have learnt in school. The communication skill has also been strengthened. CWCC is an international firm with many staff of different nationalities. Most of the work requires communication with others. Thus, I was encouraged to communicate with others of different backgrounds. My communication skill has obviously been improved.

Overall, what the most valuable thing I have obtained in this internship is not the practical skill, but the working attitude. Opportunity is not free for everyone. I am grateful that I was granted this internship. I will remember all the things I have learned in the internship and work hard for my future.