List of Events 2017-2018

Career Development

No. Activity Topic Contact Hours Tentative Schedule Achiever Award

Resume & Covering Letter Writing & Job Interviewing Skills
Write a presented CV and covering letter that highlight a candidate skills and achievements in an impressive way; prepare a presentable job interview that highlights a candidate strengths and relevant experience in an expressive way.

3 hours

11 Nov 2017
18 Nov 2017

Employing Digital Media to Build Up Your Career Profile
Create a personalized infographic resume through infographic in order to stand out from the group of fresh graduates as to enhance the employability.

3 hours 19 Jan 2018

Winning the Hearts of Employers

3 hours

9 Mar (Fri)

(4) CEO Sharing: Exceed the Limits 1 hour

16 Mar (Fri)

(5) Maximizing Your Investment in your First Job 3 hours

23 Mar (Fri)

(6) Introduction to Common Recruitment Examination Workshop      
  Use of English
Aptitude Test
Use of Chinese
Basic Law
3 hours
3 hours
3 hours
3 hours
Apr 2018
Apr 2018
Apr 2018
Apr 2018


Career Preparation Workshop
(Supported by Charitable Choice)

Help students advance the last mile between having an education and having a job. Obtain expert advice on CV, learn about meeting etiquette, customer service and other helpful job preparation and workplace skills.

9 hours in
3 sessions
2, 9, 16 June 2018