List of Events 2017-2018

Career Planning

No. Activity Topic Contact Hours Tentative Schedule Achiever Award

Career Planning & Job Market Overview
Understand himself/herself in terms of his/her personalities, interests and values; overview the Hong Kong job market trend, and start thinking of their career development plan.

3 hours 20 Oct 2017

Career Development Supporting Service
(One-to-One Service)
Support students in understanding their interests and work values, exploring job opportunities and looking for their career development pathways.

4 hours in
4 sessions

1st Round
Nov 2017 – Jan 2018
2nd Round
Apr –Jun 2018

Introduction to Hong Kong Government Posts and Career Prospects
Get the idea of the career prospect, career profiling of government departments and pay policy, work culture, requirement, and difference between Civil Servant and Disciplinary Forces.

3 hours Mar 2018