The SDU welcomes you to CityU SCOPE and wish you make the most of your study and campus life with us.

The SDU aspires to enhance well-rounded development of CityU SCOPE Full-time students. The Unit organizes workshops, talks, and out-of-classroom activities to foster the career, cultural, personal, social, and wellness developments of students. These are to strengthen students’ personal and social competences, to enhance their employability, and to sharpen their competitive edge. Our services comprise the following six domains. Details about their provisions are available from each of the respective websites:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Career and Employment
  3. Student Counselling
  4. Student Scholarships
  5. Student Activities, Physical Education and Sports
  6. School-based Reward & Incentive

To reward academic excellence, diligence, and contributions to campus life through initiative and leaderships, we set up various award schemes that cultivate positive learning, and serving attitudes. They include Director’s List, Achiever Award, Service Award, and Progression Award.

A Student Activity Fund scheme is established for full-time SCOPE students who are interested in organizing student activities that enhance learning and campus life. They are encouraged to apply for the Fund through submitting an appropriate proposal with budget. They are welcome to discuss their ideas with teachers, SDU staff and their personal tutors.

Over 30 events and activities have been prepared for academic year 2016-2107. Detail information regarding upcoming events and activities are posted on the SDU website.

SDU activities are publicized to students via their school and personal emails, Canvas, and posters posted at the CityU SCOPE learning centers, including CityU, Tsim Sha Tsui East, and Admiralty.