Achiever Award 


The aim of the award is to encourage students to participate in SDU organized activities.

Criteria for Recommendation

To be eligible for nomination, students will need to satisfy the following criteria at time of award presentation:

  1. Enrolment as a SCOPE full-time degree student;
  2. Students who accomplish 20 points from SDU activities (August of the year to July of the following year) in Personal Development, Career and Employment, Student Activities are qualified for the Achiever Award.
Type of Activity Point
Personal Development Hourly count
(equals to the contact hour of the activity)
Career and Employment Hourly count
(equals to the contact hour of the activity)
Student Activities, Physical Education and Sports 1 point per session

* The contact hour of Leadership Development Scheme & Career Ambassador Scheme will not be covered by the Achiever Award.

The Award

Recipients will be awarded a certificate of honor signed by the Director of SCOPE.

Recipients of Achiever Award will be invited to attend a ceremony to honor their achievements.