Career Ambassador Scheme


  • To develop students’ presentation, leadership and interpersonal skills
  • To enhance students’ employability and career adaptability
  • To enhance students’ sense of belonging and enrich students’ campus life
  • To nurture students’ life interest and analytical thinking with a global perspective

Criteria for Recommendation

  1. Enrollment as a SCOPE Full-time degree students
  2. Achieved 75% attendance in the compulsory training sessions
  3. Contribution in at least one of the specified school career / promotional events

* The contact hour of Career Ambassador Scheme will not be covered by the Achiever Award.

The Award

Qualified Career Ambassador will:

  • be awarded a certificate of honor signed by the Director of SCOPE
  • be invited to attend a ceremony to honor their achievements
  • have a chance to gain valuable overseas experience with partial sponsorship by the School