Progression Award


The aim of the award is to encourage students to improve their academic achievement.

Criteria for Recommendation

To be eligible for nomination, students will need to satisfy the following criteria at the time of award presentation:

  1. Enrolment as a SCOPE full-time full degree student;
  2. Achieved significant improvement as reflected in their overall marks at the end an academic year compared with that in the previous year; and such an improvement as reflected should be at least 10 marks;
  3. The overall mark must reach a minimum of 50;
  4. Recommended by the Programme Leader;
  5. Provided satisfactory track records on their contribution and services for student activities organized in SCOPE.

The Award

Recipients will be awarded a certificate of honor signed by the Director of SCOPE.

Recipients of Progression Award will be invited to attend a ceremony to honor their achievements.


Last Updated on 26 October 2016