Service Award (2017~18)


The aim of the award is to encourage students to serve the School

Criteria for Recommendation

  1. Enrolment as a SCOPE full-time degree student;
  2. Contributions in at least scoring 30 points of the following areas:
Organize or assist in student self-initiated activity through applying the Student Activity Fund 20
(per session)
Organize or assist in SDU-planned activity 10
(per session)
  1. Recommended by Programme Leaders, teachers or administrative staff.

The Service Award will be presented in Gold, Silver and Bronze. Contributions in scoring 30 points will be awarded in Bronze while contributions in scoring more than 30 points will be considered for Gold or Silver.

The Award

Recipients will be awarded a certificate of honor signed by the Director of SCOPE.

Recipients of Service Award will be invited to attend a ceremony to honor their achievements.


Last Updated on 22 September 2017