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Activities in 2015-16

SPSS Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund and Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund Joint Scholarship Presentation Ceremony 2016 was held at the Central Government Offices (Tim Mei Avenue) on 19 April 2016.

Mr Eddie Ng, the Secretary for Education, presented certificates to awardee representatives. 53 students in our School were awarded under the Self-financing Post-secondary Scholarship Scheme (SPSS) in 2015/16.




Reaching Out Award (ROA) - Awardee Reflection & Sharing

“In this course, I have gained knowledge of the Italian culture, history and language.  I also have developed better skills on learning a new language and to communicate with people from different parts of the world and of different age. … I truly believed that what I have learnt from this course could benefit my future career, as I have always wanted to work and study abroad.” (Cheung Sau Ming, outreaching activity to Turin)


“這次台灣之旅真是一個非常珍貴和難忘的經驗,由籌備計劃書、安排時間、安排行程、住宿交通、直到真正實行,當中全部親力親為,一手一腳去實踐,真是第一次有這種經歷,當中真的學習很多很多大小事情,是一次十分難得的體驗” (Ho Yun Hei, outreaching activity to Taiwan)


“I reserved accommodations in Liverpool and London successfully via Airbnb.  In Liverpool, I met a house owner who was fond of organic lifestyle.  Her house was widely decorated with green elements.  Also, her garden had many organic plants to attract bees for her to extract honey. … We exchanged our views on living habit and provided suggestions for each other.  She taught me how to relax when facing stress and I advised her to keep doing exercise.  We both found the conversation enjoyable.”

“I think it was a great experience to share our own living habit and culture with each other. It made me know more about their daily life and helped me to increase my confidence when talking to others.  I tried to express my views and feelings to her and used this chance to improve my communication skills.” (Lam Sze Lok, outreaching trip to UK)


“… many mainland people are very nice, law-abiding and polite. Therefore we also should respect them. Every travel experiences cannot get from books.  Thus we should travel more, especially is joining exchange tour.” (Wan Sin Na, outreaching trip to Beijing)


"As a marketing student, it is critical to go outside to see and experience new things.  In this trip, I have valuable chances to visit two countries in Asia. … In my current study, global marketing is critical in today’s environment.  However, marketers should understand different country’s culture in order to decide to enter or not.  This trip gives me an experience to explore and broaden my horizon." (Lui Wing Yan, outreaching trip to Malaysia & Singapore)


Awardee Sharing Videos

Outstanding Performance Scholarship (OPS) – CHAN Yuen Yee


Outstanding Performance Scholarship (OPS) – HO Ka Ka


Outstanding Performance Scholarship (OPS) – KO Kin Pong


Reaching Out Award (ROA) – NG Hoi Yan


Talent Development Scholarship (TDS) – HUNG Ngai Kit