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英語國際企業傳意榮譽文學士 (全日/兼讀制銜接學位課程)
BA (Hons) English for International Corporate Communication (Full-time/Part-time Top-up)

課程名稱:BA (Hons) English for International Corporate CommunicationUniversity of Central Lancashire (Full-Time Mode)
修讀年份:2018 - 2019

Taking the BAEICC programme in the past year, I never thought that it could leave such a rooted memory in my life. Apart from acquiring academic knowledge from the curriculum, this programme offered an abundance of pragmatic interactive practices for future endeavours. For instance, an extraordinary group project was assigned to interview an external business organisation, aiming at training our formal business writing, editing, group discussion, time management, social and interview skills.

Help and support might be crucial in the pathway to success. Teachers and staff reached out a helping hand when I needed.  I am now pursuing further academic achievement, and working in an international company upon graduation.

On the other hand, what could be better to embrace an exotic culture by visiting a foreign country? Cooperating with UCLan, CityU SCOPE provided an opportunity for me to take an unforgettable summer trip to the UK last summer. No doubt it was one of the benefits of studying the BAEICC programme.

課程名稱:BA (Hons) English for International Corporate CommunicationUniversity of Central Lancashire (Part-Time Mode)
修讀年份:2017 - 2019

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Having spent almost ten years working as an administrative staff in the tertiary education sector, I decided to embrace the challenge to pursue my first bachelor degree in part time mode while working full time simultaneously.

The pragmatic approach of the particular module in the BAEICC programme is great. I have learnt how to effectively communicate with people with different cultures in the business world. With a better understanding on the practices of public relations practitioners, I could apply the useful marketing concepts into actual event planning at work. These have built my confidence in communicating with guests who come from overseas, and in my sharing of views and suggestions on event planning with my colleagues at work. In the second year of my study, I was nominated by my classmates as the class representative to attend the staff-student liaison committee meetings. The experience was fruitful and fulfilling.

Though it was physically demanding, I worked hard to stay focused in my study, and tried my best to prioritize the tasks at work and at school to meet the set goals. As George Eliot said, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been” - it depends on one’s determination and perseverance. Just grasp the chance to equip yourself for a better future!
課程名稱:BA (Hons) English for International Corporate CommunicationUniversity of Central Lancashire (Full-Time Mode)
修讀年份:2014 - 2015

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The year spent in BAEICC has been rewarding. After months of learning and practicing, not only have I strengthened my English proficiency, but I have also mastered the skills of writing English in a business context, which has helped me a lot in getting my first job after graduation. As a floor manager in a retail company, there are many occasions where I can apply what I have learnt in BAEICC, ranging from exchanging E-mails, writing letters, to giving speeches to my team members and handling complaints from customers. I am thankful that BAEICC has taught me how to “think before I express”, which can make all those tasks that I mentioned a lot easier. To the ones who will be studying in BAEICC, I would like to say, cherish every chance to utilize your English in BAEICC, and you will have a very bright future ahead of you

課程名稱:BA (Hons) English for International Corporate CommunicationUniversity of Central Lancashire (Full-Time Mode)


Scarlet自信地說:「公關行業很重視英語的溝通能力,而課程把商業知識和英語訓練融合,透過研究及拆解真實個案,讓我們練習溝通技巧及所學的理論,十分實用。現在我 能在工作上充分實踐所學的知識,令我面對不同背景的人士也能對答如流。」


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