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Leadership Development Scheme 2017


The Leadership Development Scheme aims to develop in students leadership knowledge and techniques. It also foster in them the awareness, qualities and responsibilities of a good leader. The Scheme consists of a series of 3 training workshops, followed by a kick-off practicum.

To pitch what they learned, they actively engaged in the training workshops and were eager to plan and work on the practicum of a day trip for school mates at Cheung Chau in January 2018.

The training workshops are scheduled in the following manner:

Training Session 1, Introduction to Leadership
21 October 2017 (Saturday), 10:00 - 13:00.
Trainer: Dr Herbert Chiu
Training Session 2, Leadership & Self-confidence Training Workshop
4 November 2017 (Saturday), 10:00 - 13:00.
Trainer: Ms Winnie Lai
Training Session 3, Programme Planning, Implementation & Evaluation
10 November 2017 (Friday), 14:00 – 17:00.
Trainer: Dr Audrey Yeung

The followings are photos that highlight moments of the workshops:

Workshop 1

Photo 1         Photo 2

Workshop 2

Photo 3         Photo 4

Workshop 3

Photo 5         Photo 6

Students’ Sharing

HO Ka Chun 何嘉駿
BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology, Coventry University
It's a great opportunity for people to learn effective communication and how to prepare for an activity. It was amusing that the exercises were carried out for us to understand what is a powerful and efficient conversation instead of just tutoring with slides. In one of the workshops, we were asked to discuss to plan for an upcoming event such as the destination, the budget and backup activities. It was also fascinating that we could do a presentation after it so that ideas could be shared out with each other.

Finally, it was a superb group in which everyone was willing to contribute and talk. Consequently, we accomplished a brief program planning proposal within a short period of time. We felt positively motivated.
BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology, Coventry University
歷時 9個鐘頭的全面性訓練課程後,領袖發展計劃的學員們即將迎來畢業考核。準領袖們要將課堂上所學到的知識實踐於即將舉辦的活動中,著實讓作為學員的我們興奮不已。課堂上,一個個生動有趣的場景,盡顯大家的熱情投入和默契。對此,我迫不及待地想活動那天的能快點到來。
LAM Sin Yu 林倩如
BA (Hons) International Business Communication with Chinese / Japanese, University of Central Lancashire
LAU See Hang 劉思行
BA (Hons) Business Administration and Management, De Montfort University
In the first workshop, Dr. Herbert Chiu gave a brief introduction about leadership followed by several learning activities. It was nice that student leaders are offered chances to get to know about each other right from the beginning. The activities were well designed and were interesting. Overall, the speaker brought out the topic clearly in a relaxing way.

On 4 November 2017, the second workshop, the speaker talked about the characteristics and the ability of an ideal leader. There were many interactive learning activities between the speaker and the participants. The content is rich and materials were well prepared.

Regarding the third workshop, Dr. Yeung delivered a very engaging lecture about programme planning for us. The contents covered many programme planning know hows and inspired us the importance of asking sensible questions when planning a programme. We formed into three small groups to each draft a programme plan for discussion.
WANG Yonghao 王詠皓
BA (Hons) International Business Communication with Chinese / Japanese, University of Central Lancashire
WONG Cheung Edward 王翔
BA (Hons) Applied Social Science, Sheffield Hallam University