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Leadership and Self‐confidence Training Workshop 領導與自信工作坊


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Photo 1學生發展事務組在2018年11月3日舉辦了「領導與自信」工作坊,邀請了擁有20多年輔導青少年及教學經驗的賴美蓮小姐,為參加者介紹領導及溝通技巧。工作坊內容涵蓋: 自我認識 (Who Am I)、溝通模式及方法 (How to Handle People with Different Communication Styles)及決策方法 (Decision Making Methods)。



TAI Chak Kui
BA (Hons) Applied Social Science, Sheffield Hallam University
Through this workshop, I met numerous character of teachers, upper and same level students. More importantly, I have learnt how to cooperate to various people with specific communication stance, for example blaming, placating, super‐reasonable and irrelevant. This programme created a precious opportunity to me for the sake of think deeper about myself. After mentor’s patient guidance, it revealed that I belong to super‐reasonable as well as placating communication stances. These stances expects other people listen to my perception and feelings. I think the communication stances benefits interpersonal interaction on account of it leads to solve the conversation conflicts and produce a harmonious environment with your friends, groupmates, and colleagues and so on.
WONG Tsz Long
BSc (Hons) Information Technology for Business, Coventry University
YEUNG Kong Shing
BA (Hons) Applied Social Science, Sheffield Hallam University
Through this kind of leadership training workshop, I have found that there are different type of communication which is benefit for us to note that we may use those communication skill to interact with people to avoid the conflict. Also, noted that the reasons why some people will use those kind of communication in their daily life, it is great to have more workshop like this.