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Coventry Alumni Networking Event in Hong Kong

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Coventry University launched an Alumni Event on 7th May, 2015 from 7-10pm at Sky Lounge, the Upper House in Admiralty. It has provided an opportunity for the graduates to network and socialize with each other, learn more about the future plan of Coventry University as well as Coventry University's work in Hong Kong nowadays. The guests were mostly the key persons in Coventry University and the graduates of Coventry University.

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This event received overwhelming registration and the participants were from different fields. During the night, people shared their valuable job experiences, which helped to extend the network at professional level. They have exchanged name cards and probably developed business contacts.

"It is fabulous and great to meet other graduates after graduation, and talk about the happy moments during the time we studied together. Also, thanks to Coventry University that we can put what we have learnt into practice and work in related field", stated by an Aviation Management graduate. It is lovely to see how people re-connected again and reminisced about the school life and study time.

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Some refreshments and canapés were served throughout the whole night. Nice food was served the best with nice view. As the venue was at the top level of a building, which definitely feasted guests' eyes on Hong Kong's spectacular night view.


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In the middle of the night, it was such an honor to have John Latham, Vice-Chancellor of Coventry University there with the guests and delivered a speech on Coventry University's future plans. He mentioned that Coventry University's world ranking has been increased greatly and surpassed many universities with similar background. He also foresaw that Coventry University will make impressive progress in the future.

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This is followed by the speech of Otto Poon who is the Chairman and CEO of Analogue group. The topic was "supporting next generation" and he shared his own personal experience on how he dealt with the low in his life and how he strived to success. A round of applause was deserved for such an inspiring sharing. It also marked a great ending of the event and wished everyone had a great evening.