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“I control the camera - Manual Mode Landscape Photographing Skills” Workshop 2021 影相我話事 - 風景手動模式拍攝技巧工作坊2021


攝影能將美好的風景留存下來。學生發展事務組特別邀請本院擁有豐富拍攝經驗的社會及人文科學部講師孫玉傑先生,為「影相我話事 - 風景手動模式拍攝技巧工作坊2021」擔任講者,在2021年1月15日與參加同學分享攝影心得。



CHAN Tsz Kai
BA (Hons) Business and Management, De Montfort University

As a beginner in photography, this workshop inspired my enthusiasm to learn more about taking pictures of landscapes and wildlife. Including the basic components and functions of the camera, how to capture a perfect image by adjusting the correct aperture, shutter speed and ISO number. Some exquisite photos with different themes were displayed to enable students to master the idea of photo shooting skills. This helps me further understand how to effectively control my camera Nikon D7000 and hope there will be more interesting photography workshop to participate in the coming future.

CHIN Chak Fung
BA (Hons) Business Administration and Management, De Montfort University

This workshop was an inspiring workshop in my life. The information shared by Stephen is very useful and unique, from the components of the camera such as Lens, Mirror and Shutter, etc., to some ways for you to take a perfect picture. This workshop provided lots of skills, personal advice, advanced suggestions, and purchasing guidelines for cameras. In the past, I always thought that photo taking is easy by using a smartphone but now I discover that there are more things for me to learn and practice. Maybe in the future when I have enough money, I will try to purchase advanced camera tools and travel around the world to take photos like Stephen.

WONG Kam Yuk Karen
BA (Hons) English for International Corporate Communication, University of Central Lancashire

我對風景、生態、城市、人物頗有興趣。但從前對攝影一知半解的我,有美好風景在眼前也不懂拍下來。參加完「影相我話事」,學習拍攝最佳位置時機構圖;理解曝光三角(exposure triangle): 光圈、快門、感光度之間的關係;感謝老師鼓勵多拍,累積經驗和技巧,自然發揮個人潛能和風格!孫老師的作品真是扣人心弦,色調和諧,將大自然生態美好一面盡活現眼簾,騰雲流水表現個人風格和構思,追蹤月全蝕的壯觀更顯其攝影造詣。希望有了理論,再加實習,吸引更多攝影愛好者。