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LAM Ho Yan 
BA (Hons) International Tourism and Airline Management, Edinburgh Napier University

The site visit is always an important event for learning, especially in tourism. My classmates and I have joined the visit to the Institute for Tourism Studies in Macau and the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel. Unfortunately, the Venetian is not available but the lecturer Mr. Stephen SUN has immediately worked out a backup plan to visit the Sands Resort Macau.  During the visit of the Institute for Tourism Studies, the staff have introduced their programs, which are suitable for us after graduation.  In addition, we learnt how to taste and choose suitable wine during the wine training. It was very interesting for students like us who did not have much chance on tasting wine.

For the visit of Sands Resort Macau, the event manager shared his work experience with us. He tried his best to introduce the industry and future trend for us, and answer most of our queries.

We have learnt a lot and obtained more information about our future career path.

TO Tsun Yin
BA (Hons) Applied Social Science, Sheffield Hallam University

Through the visit, we obtained more information about the structure and the development of Macau under the policy of the bay area development. We have also widen our horizon on tasting wine in social settings and learnt how to match different wine with cuisines.

WONG Wing Yu Kelly Joy
BA (Hons) International Tourism and Airline Management, Edinburgh Napier University

I have been always looking forward to know more about M.I.C.E industry and hope to engage in this industry as my future career. Therefore, I joined the visit to the Institute for Tourism Studies in Macau and the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, which was held by the school without hesitation.

In the first part, the Institute for Tourism Studies introduced various kinds of courses for students to develop and learn skills for their future career path on tourism industry, such as culinary arts, hotel management, tourism event, etc. I was impressed by the wine course offered by the Institute. I have learnt much knowledge about wine, not only the wine history but also how to differential the wine through their colors, etc.

In the second part, the representative from the Sands Resort Macau introduced their hotel’s M.I.C.E industry and overall Macau's tourism event development in recent years. The representative also shared many of his career experiences and interacted with us in the Q&A session, which helped us to ease our questions and snouts about the future. It let us to have a more clear direction and objectives on our future career. We were also lucky to be able to visit the facilities tailor-made for employees. We were all amazed and shocked but the diversified and all-rounded staff facilities, e.g. different staff canteens, huge staff lounges, the gym room as well as staff clinic.

The visit provided an opportunity for me to learn and acquire knowledge that I could not learn from the books.