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要求職成功      由寫一份讓僱主眼前一亮的履歷表開始


求職時僱主一般要求求職者提供履歷表。怎樣可以給潛在僱主留下深刻印象?怎樣可以在履歷表上突出自己的優勢,成功在人群中脫穎而出?怎樣可以獲得第一次面試的機會? 學生發展事務組在2021年10月15日舉辦了「撰寫成功履歷表」(Writing a Winning CV) 工作坊,由學生發展經理梁碧華女士與學生分享撰寫成功履歷表的要訣。

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BA (Hons) Business and Management, De Montfort University

I learnt the techniques of writing an outstanding CV (e.g. length, format, content and use of action words which can make a CV more appealing and exceptional), the 4 components in writing the work experience, and the reasons to include different information in the CV. The workshop enlightened me on the employers’ view of an outstanding CV, and I realized that I have been sending an unexceptional CV to employers in the past. I eagerly look forward to joining other career related workshops.

MA Chun Wang
BA (Hons) Business and Management, De Montfort University