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『城』心來探你  歲晚長者探訪 2019


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Photo 1   

 Photo 1本學院與「救世軍南泰長者中心(南山邨)」合辦探訪長者活動,在2020年1月18日十多位本院學生前往探訪南山邨內獨居長者,表達年輕人關懷長者的愛心,並贈送敬老禮物。活動過程中,同學透過與獨居長者的互動及分享,帶給他們歡樂與溫暖,使其感受到來自社區年輕人的關懷。同學們亦藉著是次探訪,了解生命歷程中的『年老』生活,從中明白人與人之間關懷的重要性,以及建立「老吾老以及人之老」的觀念。


PANG Tik Shun
BA (Hons) Business Administration and Management, De Montfort University

I had joined the "Elderly Visit" activity on 18 Jan 2020. On that day, I was visited solitary elderly with my classmate. Before activity start, our teacher was form some group, 2-3 peoples an one group. After that, we had listened social worker briefing, which aspect should be pay attention and took several gift to elderly.

Because Lunar new year was coming soon, elderly center were prepare some food and clothes to elderly. We had visited 3 elderlies in this activity, they have their own story and family background. Base on my observation, when we arrived each elderly's home, they are very happy and enthusiasm, they are initiative to share their life experience. Besides, our group mates were reminded them to take care themself and wear more clothes because the weather will be change suddenly. And the weather was getting cold on that day. Before finished to visit each elderly, we had asked him or her what he or she needed. If they have any request, we will refer to elderly center staff.

In the process of visiting, I had learnt team spirit and patience. Usually, elderly’s reaction would be slow, visitor should have more patience to an elderly.

MOK Sui Ching
BA (Hons) Applied Social Science, Sheffield Hallam University


WONG Chung Yeung
BA (Hons) International Business Communication with Chinese / Japanese, University of Central Lancashire

The “Elderly Visit” activity was a valuable experience. I seldom talk with elderly before joining the activity. At first, I thought elderly will be difficult to communicate because of generation gap or something like that. However, it turns out that was just stereotype. They are friendly, kind and nice. Also, I have learned that how to communicate well with elderly, and understand what kind of obstacles that common Hong Kong elderly are facing today more comprehensively by communicate with them individually.