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MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)是根據容格(Carl Jung)心理類型理論著成的性格評估指標。MBTI測試能有效反映個人的性格類型,對個人成長、發掘個人潛能、改善人際關係,預測職業發展取向,提供了客觀而具體的指引。 學院在2019年2月22日舉辦了「MBTI善用自己,建立親和力」工作坊,透過MBTI測試,協助同學進行全面的性格透視和分析,了解自己的性格傾向、行為、思考、溝通、接收資訊及判斷模式,以增潤學生的自我發現及與他人相處模式,提升學生的親和力,達到「與人和、與己和」。

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LAM Wing Huen
BSc (Hons) Information Technology for Business, Coventry University

這workshop有助我更了解自己的性格, 跟平時接觸到的性格workshop比起, 這次講者特別提到所有性格也有可能有所成就, 並鼓勵我們從事自己喜歡的工作。

LI Ching In
BA (Hons) Applied Social Science, Sheffield Hallam University

It is a great pleasure to attend the MBTI workshop held by SDU. Within the 3- hour’s workshop, the application of the MBTI has clearly demonstrated. I have gained much more self-understanding and my knowledge of different personality types, strengths and preferences was also deepened. Through the interaction among participants and instructor, I was amazed to find how individual differences could make networking and communication more fascinating. Thus, self-awareness is essential as it is a tool to help us further explore and understand what to improve and what are good to be maintained in our lives.