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澳大利亞、新西蘭和英國進修(研究生課程)講座 為學生提供最新海外進修資訊


學生發展事務組在2022年2月24日舉辦「澳大利亞、新西蘭和英國進修(研究生課程)」講座,邀請了IDP Education為學生介紹澳大利亞、新西蘭和英國的教育體系、比較在3個國家修讀研究生課程的費用及在3個國家畢業後工作須知,希望學生透過講座獲得最新海外進修資訊。


LAM Shing Tak
BA (Hons) Public Administration and Management, De Montfort University


LEE Kwok Lun
BA (Hons) English for International Corporate Communication, University of Central Lancashire

Thanks to the efforts by Student Development Unit and IDP, I got quite a lot of useful information regarding further study after the seminar. In retrospect, I thought that applying overseas postgraduate programmes is always complicated as it requires so much preparation on your own. In fact, professionals from IDP welcome consultations and you can get aadvice and assistance that you might need. The seminar has provided me with a clearer picture for my personal study plan in the coming future. More importantly, the sharing within guest speaker and teaching staff also enlightened students’ aspirations in pursing their interested researches and career.