1. How to get the Reference Area Login Password?

2. How to reserve av/webcam facilities?

3. How to reserve books?

4. How to view and/or renew my books?

1. How to get my Reference Area Login Password?

Please go to the Reference Area Website http://www.scope.edu/stud-resources/, then select "Circulation Records" as shown below:

Then the login page is shown. Please click the link "Request/Forgot password" that is next to the password input box.

Enter your CityU/SCOPE Student ID and your name, then click "Submit". The password will then be sent to you via email.

2. How to book AV/webcam facilities?

Please go to the Reference Area Website http://www.scope.edu/stud-resources/ , then select "Facilities" as shown below:

Please click the "Reserse Now" button for the booking of respective facilities.

The Booking Schedule shows the booking status of the facilities within 3 working days. To make a booking, please click the "Reserve Facilities" button.

Finally, choose Reserve date and time, click the "Submit" button. An confirmation email would then be sent to you via email.

3. How to reserve books?

If you want to reserve books, firstly you need to click te "Catalogue" button.

Once you click it, catalogue page with search box is shown. You need to choose which programme of books you would like to search. It is optional to use the search criteria. If no search criteria is entered, when you click the "Search" button, the whole list of books in a programme chosen will be shown.

For example, if you want to reserve the book that is on the top of the list, you then click on either the barcode or the title of that book.

If you have not done the login yet, the login page will show up and you will need to login first. You will then see the details of booked as shown below. Then click "Reserve" button.

If the reservation is successful, you will then receive a confirmation email.

4. How to view and/or renew my book?

Please click the "Circulation Record" button in the front page.

When the Login page appears, please enter your CityU/SCOPE ID and your password. (If you don't have a password, please refer to instructions in FAQ #1).

The User Circulation Record, or your Reference Area Account, shows your records and books that are borrowed and/or reserved. You can see there is a "Renew" button in the borrowed book table if the book is available for renewal. You can renew it when no one reserve it. For your information, there are serveral useful links on the the top-right of the page.