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* Final Oral Examination is not included in training hours. Trainees are required to sit for the final oral examination beyond training hours.



  • Initiate conventional conversational topics by using a batch of commonly used vocabulary and expressions

    - greetings, introductions, leave taking
    - social enquiries/requests and replies
    - apologies, thanks, invitations
    - changing jobs and promotion
    - workplace and l eisure experience
    - evaluating a current event

  • Maintain conversational topics by taking turns according to social convention and using polite and appropriate verbal and non verbal responses

    - suggestions, offers, persuasion

    - preference, expression of emotions
    - explanation, clarification
    - argument, evaluation, agreement/ disagreement
    - description, narration
    - hand gestures, nodding, eye contact
    - interruption, diverting/ changing topics


全期學費 #

  • 豁免學費  (沒有收入或每月收入為$12,500或以下)    
  • $375 (高額資助學費 - 每月收入為$12,501至$20,000)    
  • $1,250 (一般資助學費 - 每月收入超過$20,000)