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「撰寫成功履歷」工作坊 協助學生獲得面試機會 (SDU)




PANG King Kan
BA (Hons) English for International Corporate Communication, University of Central Lancashire

This workshop is resourceful, provided with a lot of examples, we were stimulated to think and to differentiate critically. The presentation was not dull, I really enjoyed the interaction and I appreciate the eagerness of the speaker that she kept asking if we need career or CV advice, and I can tell she is well prepared for this, I am impressed by the "egg" comparison. I am looking forward to similar workshops like this, and I think this helps a lot for my future career aspiration.

TSE Hei Chi Michael
BA (Hons) Public Administration and Management, De Montfort University

Throughout the workshop, I have learnt the importance of writing a good cv in order to grab the attention of the employer and how to write a good cv. The speaker is nice and passionate in teaching and answering our questions, and the teaching materials are well prepared. Examples are used frequently to illustrate the viewpoints, for example, the tutor picks up some bad cv written examples, and ask about our opinions. Then, she will explain the mistakes found in the cv, so that we can avoid making the same fault when writing cv in the future. Overall speaking, the workshop is highly recommended for those who are equipping themselves for the future job market.