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「求職面試必勝」工作坊 – 講解面試注意事項 分享面試成功秘訣 (SDU)


學生發展事務組在2021年10月27日舉辦了「面試必勝」(Ace the Interview) 工作坊,由學生發展經理梁碧華女士與學生分享面試注意事項、什麼衣著給人留下深刻印象、顧主在求職面試中看重什麼、以及面試成功秘訣。


LO Lok Him
BA (Hons) Applied Social Science, Sheffield Hallam University


BA (Hons) Business and Management, De Montfort University

I am fortunate to participate in the workshop of “Ace the Interview,” it has deepened my knowledge on how to face the challenges, the format of both online and face-to-face interview. First, I have learnt how interviews are designed which are important to understand think by the interviewers prospective. Second, preparations before an interview such as our appearances, body languages, general questions and many more. Last but not least, S.T.A.R Framework has been thought in this workshop with examples. I will to thank the speaker Alice