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一對一職業諮詢 協助學生規劃職業藍圖 (SDU)




GANGLANI Prasheena Anil
BA (Hons) Applied Social Science, Sheffield Hallam University

I found the one-on-one career consultation clinic very helpful and insightful. I was initially quite confused about the next step I wanted to take after graduating from CityU SCOPE, however coming out of the consultation meeting, I had a much clearer picture of what to do next. Going through my personality test results with Ms. Kirkwood also gave me greater insight into how my personality traits would suit the career path that I am interested in. I was also given plenty of advice on steps I should take now which would prove beneficial when I apply for my desired Master’s degree, and eventually enter the workforce.

BA (Hons) Business and Management, De Montfort University

In the consultation, I was able to understand about myself more by analysing my personality, my strengthens and my weaknesses. Moreover, I have learnt how one’s personality helps one to choose a career path which not only looks interested to you but fits you. It was very nice to have a one on one consultation with Ms. Alice, she has helped me to put a mirror in front of me. Most importantly, I have learned that everyone is different and every individual should respect individual characteristics.

LEE Wan Yi
Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Nursing, CityU SCOPE

I wish to apply for further study at the university but didn’t know how to illustrate my strengths well. Therefore, I made an appointment to have a one-on-one career consultation with Alice. After the consultation. I had a better idea and received various advice from Alice on how to present myself thoroughly via CV and personal statement to the admission assessors. She taught me step-by-step on how to write an impressive CV, what the important points are, and gave point-to-point comments on my personal statement. She also answered my inquiries on admission and had followed up on my case in a second consultation to further improve my personal statement. In this way, I could show my well-organized and prepared documents confidently to the admission officers. This helped me a lot!