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以時易「實習」計劃技能提升活動 - 「引人入勝故事講述」工作坊 (SDU x Websume)



YU Wing In 余穎妍
BA (Hons) International Business Communication with Chinese / Japanese, University of Central Lancashire

The speaker has introduced the skills of storytelling in this workshop. There are many scenarios in which we can tell stories, for example, in a job interview or when we meet new people. Storytelling is an important skill to introduce yourself and grab people's attention. From this workshop, I have learned how to structure a story better. I think I will have many opportunities to apply the skills in the future. The speaker has also provided us with many examples to help us understand how to build an interesting storyline from our experience. The workshop had a relaxing atmosphere, so we could have many chances to interact with the speaker and ask questions.