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以時易「實習」計劃技能提升活動 - 「手機短片拍攝技術–短片履歷」工作坊 (SDU x Websume)


很多人會拍攝視頻並在社交媒體上與朋友分享。但是,拍攝視頻履歷的技巧是否也一樣? 是否可以使用智能手機來拍攝視頻履歷及如何編輯和輸出? 有見及此,CityU SCOPE 與 Websume在2022年4月13日舉辦了「手機短片拍攝技術 – 短片履歷」工作坊 (Making Video Résumé – DIY on your Cell Phone),為學生介紹以智能手機拍攝視頻履歷的技巧,提升求職獲聘機會。

以時易「實習」計劃 (Time Exchange for Internship” Scheme) 由CityU SCOPE 與 Websume 合辦,旨在協助 CityU SCOPE 學生提升就業能力,滿足未來職場期望。



BA (Hons) English for International Corporate Communication, University of Central Lancashire

The speaker was well-versed and had communication skills. He explained the construct of a film clearly and concisely. The PowerPoint presentation was good and all the concepts were written clearly. He gave good points regarding lighting, make up and sound effects. He explained the case study in an engaging manner because of his experience in the industry. Overall, all aspects of the presentation were good but a more bilingual approach would be appreciated.