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香港政府公務員綜合招聘考試簡介 - 英語運用 (SDU)



CHAU Pui Han 周佩嫺
BA (Hons) Business Management, De Montfort University

導師用心教導CRE英文答題技巧, 在三小時有限時間內盡量詳盡解釋答題技巧及注意事項. 並把注意事項分類講解給我們, 例如閱讀理解如何在有限時間內掌握文章重點及解答問題. 英文運用部份分類為: 文句錯誤, 句子重複,等需要注意事項. 這些均有助我們了解CRE英文運用的答題技巧, 十分實用.

CHEUNG Chloe 張令山
BA (Hons) Applied Social Science, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Comments and suggestions given by Mr. Wu are beneficial and useful. 
  • I am more able to understand how to use better sentence pattern and learnt some tactics for the CRE exam
  • The exercises for the CRE exam are sufficient, I had an overview of the papers and that helps me acquire the skills