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Feedback sharing for the career talk hosted by Asia Airfreight Terminal on 7 February 2023 (SDU x Asia Airfreight Terminal)



Mr. WONG Vector

The career talk arranged by Asia Airfreight Terminal ("AAT") is an excellent event for aviation management students to gain good understanding to different dimensions of the air freights works in the Hong Kong aviation industry, but not otherwise. On the other hand, students have been illustrated with a clear career development path which enable our students/graduates to advance their career development from scratch to managerial positions in a definite period.


Lam Tsz Him    林祉謙
BSc (Hons) Aviation Management, Coventry University

During the meeting with the AAT staff last week (7/2), they presented a lot of insight in the airfreight industry. Including the market share of airfreight in respect of the international freight movement and the importance of the airfreight industry in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. I think the talk is very useful as they have also provided us with a career pathway in the sector, especially in AAT. The program they present has provided a brand new understanding of its career path and I learnt so much more during the brief 1 hour period which grew my interest in airfreight.